@tyrnannoght : getting out of hell

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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


Something ive been trying for quite a while and nearly succeeded in a few times but it always drags me back here ...

I feel i can't keep explaining half of it or i'll give away too much on the program and the gameplay , so ...

I'll keep it closer to ten cents ...

Limbo works, the writing works, pocket the coin works - starting from the new zone after zoning works, it just doesn't seem to always on the live server - which is hard to discern as i don't have server logs and all the folders from the root at my disposal as i have here on my localhost BUT

since it works here

it's gotta work online

I'm a bit on a running around phase and find it hard to divide time between this and that, and then the house that won't do itself either - in the middle of hell, nearing in on summer , that's good times for me

I'm looking for some kind of hexagon implement for a tactical map, in an overlay scene on encounter but

i find some howto's , like


BUT, that's gonna cost me some braincycles heh

In essence the map itself for washed-up beach is not much other than drawing it in Tiled (which has had me re-drawing it every day so far as i want blending kinda tiles in some way and i don't have the secret fractal to the universe to calculate me a graphic of a map from sea to sand to rock and cut it up by auto (maybe that exists somewhere i don't know but i doubt it)

The underlying gameplay however will take at least ten times the effort limbo did but as i feel im not doing half bad starting from zit knowing nothing about phaser i definitely feel i can do that, since i don't have a deadline or agenda

I guess that's that for this week ...

El Darko out

Owh ... (yea my positive, usual self)

Go figue, here i sit hacking away to get 8 inputboxes to give the amount player wants to carry and then i see v3.17 now has standar DOM elements as objects ?

tskk ... see ? IT ... it's pointless going to school for it, by the time you graduate you're hopelessly behind

i got a nice sfx for "encounter" lol, it's so bombastic it startles me every time still - maybe it's just loud and ive been sitting at the same screen for too long

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