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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


should i ?
this article is free to link to for whatever reason

Spent all night waiting for the shop to open to get rizla ... ever tried rolling a cigarette on writing paper ? it's like breathing chlorine smoke ... yea, i do, since a few months again after months of not, i never try or not to stop or start but
as i am in silent mode i AM willing to react to one thing i picked up in thirdspace :

It takes @goldmanmorgan 6 years of posting one post daily to drain from the pool what one post in the trending section does , add 1 per week from @tyrnannoght that barely changes, the zones hardly make posts

YET STILL ... some seem to be stuck in some neolithic way of thinking ...

to those ... i would urge you , to *** your *** head out of your ****

and re-think your worldview ...

daily posting drains the pool but that's what it's about, you need entrepreneurs, not civilians if i might call it so onboarded, people who are willing to spend time creating applications that are exclusive to the steemchain ...

and you know it


... six figure accounts who compete (which leave the matter of the downvote button)

if you don't want an answer you should not ask

the game WILL happen , but i refuse to hasten an inferior product as i want it to be a WORK and my 2per-cent-cents in the legacy of satoshi, growing as it goes ... you can call me much

but unskilled or an idiot i doubt that

and do the math

for REAL ... before you say things like that ...

@goldmanmorgan is not a miner or a moneymaker, when accounts reach the current limit i RETURN a chunk to the voter - before i get a 100% vote out of a 100% vote, someone needs to vote on morgan to get playcoin, and spend it on the game which doesn't exist yet , how i intend to infuse fiat value into steem through the game

that's my concern


The dark one out ...

ah ... RC is low but if there's any doubt left i can always add some kind of freeze command , usable like any of the others as linked in the manual on any morgan post that makes it so the 60 day limit gets removed if you hit the current limit (which is 3 B and should be more than enough to start the washed up beach and will be modified as needed) so people who are at limit don't even have to vote once every sixty days with anything above absolute zero value to keep the account open ... it took me months, i havent programmed in years, it grew from the original ubasti and is now spinning to "the game" that will probably dwarf it in code (not probably, definitely im at about 1000 lines including json for the simple 9 level 10x10 limbo map, its just me and that's the way it works, it takes time and google, and that's not mentioning the graphics needed, the sound fx obviously and preferably some bg music) I'm not sure about voiceovers, maybe i can ask ned and elipowell or the kraken boys to do some when i get there ... i dont want to create hype on anything i dont have yet. Life has taught me not to plan ahead but stick to pockets, points and vectors ..

and here i go again ... gud ..

i really needed that cig, omg ... if you feel i'm morally obliged to add that, pm me on discord, its linked on every morgan post, and thanks, and cya :p

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you seem troubled, your grace ..

As always you're the only one bold enough to adress me like that, Goldman ... it's come to a point where i have to disclaim that any reference to existing historical dead non-existing anymore people is purely coincidential but you know i have a deep connection to the shadows and they tell me things

I'm sure you will make the wise decision, as always, your grace ..

That's okay ... i talk to myself all the time ...