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its not really exponential
The state of the state ...

no salespitch no media hype, no handshake-day, no sponsors, no incoming delegation-for-a-leash

no obligations but me wanting to do it

nothing to prove, no competition ...

hard to believe ?

... well nothing to prove so hard to believe or not is not my problem really ...


Allthough it's easier to let things speak for themselves i hear you're supposed to donate the colour of your sisters panties and explain why and how to do it in order to get a cookie, so

i dont think she'd like that

Basically the site is the site

you can click the "thing" without logging in and it loads the worldmap but that's still a 10mb extra detailed png file in one piece so some devices will just give you a black screen (memory i suppose)

most of those things are just me learning phaser and getting my head around code

which i think is going like i turned into a demented fuck on zombiepilss, pardon my french there

but im not sure about the french either as the main game will involve simulated use of alcohol and herbal infusions, also, bashing peoples heads in, killing for fun or money if you want or simply being a jack-ass robbing citizens

and what not, i assume in some countries and place it would get this or that rating

which is something im not gonna bother with

... as said before my smoking hot asian marketing gf aint home and im not really into salesforce

the rpg-maker spinoff/ game has got a bit more than it did last week

the soulstream game has a really nice intro screen imo - and the game is clickable but not playable

I do expect a lot of these as every bit of phaser 3 brings new stuff with it,

procedurally generated terrain and what not will be required for some parts of the actual game but

as far as that goes i DO think tickets and playcoin could be available by next week (but since there are no registered players i doubt many will start buying)

with a limit of 255 each

those are items you could trade later - its a bit complicated but then again its not

a ticket for instance would be needed to roll a player character

an "insertcoin" (to continue) is the price of one turn ....

a turn (as for now) could be defined as the period between two goldmanmorgan posts as its turnbased and there has to be and end-of turn which is an end-of day actually when all can be set and done and the next round starts)

bot depend on "the peg" which

like @goldmanmorgan was way ahead but is not an actual SMT but a simulated "virtual" token so is my "the peg" not really a set number but its stuck to a certain situation from which it derives its value

in essence if you were to count real dollar a playturn could cost you a votesworth of .001 dollarcent today but maybe a dollar tomorrow

as its votes worth and there is not SMT-coin to ,buy yet however

that is what i consider "free"

the peg will be used for those, a ticket is also calculated based on "the peg"

its NOT complicated at all if you give it five clicks

its possible to register your voting account to the website (link it) already, and that requires a separate password but nowhere does it ask you for a steemkey, posting or otherwise

  • you do need a steemit or busy account ofcourse or you cant get the coin to play

its realy very simple


enter password (which is encrypted in a way it doesnt even reach the server in its bare form so i have no way of knowing what your password is, and neither does mister-robot-the-malicious-admin working serverside)

enter confirmation on NOT YOUR OWN ACCOUNT but just using your own account to post one reply

and that's it

i got a nice mangapic i did with kumakuma that will be used for the datacenter posts

atm the part is still making sure tx are unique, meaning you can only get one tx of each kind every single turn (= day)

so you could buy a ticket if you have the coin once a day, or you could buy a ticket once, create a player (which is high on the priority list once tickets and storage and uniqueness are checked and done)

you could buy one at low "peg" and sell them to others at higher "peg" when there's an auction zone

same for insertcoins, you can buy one or play - or you can buy one and play depending on your account balance - but you can't buy more than one a day , same thing if you can buy low and sell high you might turnover a little

all foreseen to be coded into the all-encompassing everness that's never really finished hahahlol enz

my main concern atm after that would be something id like to dub

economic/ecological sustainability

say a zone can provide 1 platinum per day by its goldmanmorgan share, thats a LOT of dunesnake loot at tin - level

however , scalability is the thing, at 1 or 10 players there's no issue but what if it hits and theres over a 100 playing every day ?

you see ?

barring dying people losing what's on their corpse and the fact that i plan a limited number of lives (which does not exclude extra lives - which you wont be able to buy unless from other players who would have somehow gotten one - safe to say dune snakes don't drop extra lives.... duh)

andz ...

i hope someone could make out two words together that mean something


it will happen

when it happens, bit by bit

im not sure all the sql tables are on par with the offline version as of today but they sure will be during the week

shouldnt affect registration / linking and for the rest its still irrelevant

"useful" you say ?

to what ? this is not open-source, precious, but it halfway is since hiding stuff clientside is a waste of time :)

useful huh ?

well when its live it can keep kids from the street playing instead of hustling or acting up like youtube gangsters (haha lol enze .. useful ?)


yé ye ... i'm not gonna have that discussion, if i were to make a post and decline payment i'd be hippiecrite-cool , if i get a trending post, take the 300 dollar and run i'm spotlight-cool.

If i spend my clair time building a whole game with basically a separate world to it like if my name were DC i could call it universe after a while, all around accounts that basically put more than half back into the pool

then im what?


so boxed ... dont worry , its "a thing" ... most people who are like
whatever that is HAVE to box things

if things get out of boundaries they might be a threat
despite that

in modern society, 99% of the time there's nothing in the shadows but your own fear

and that demon has been there since the dawn of time


well, to me its like whatever and i dont really wanna or gonna

and besides, with a few accounts wielding all the power ?

what's next ? go EOS-style and "block" people b/c of suspicion to keep the oligarchy in place ?

lets hope we never see that day HERE then

and its a GAME , dude... a game, not an investment bank ...

darlink :p

i know i know but moat, homey, esse, bro, sis , dawg and mostly cats in the shadows on the rooftops high above : i dont get defensive, my spikes stay out, im damaged goods, i keep telling and everyone goes like shrug it off and you choose to be and then i try hard not to say allow me to break those legs and then you can just

walk it off, right ?

im so tired of the world if i had the money to do so, i would simply do the game and let someone write the posts for me :)

yes, i would, believe you me

maybe someone can get lucky from that some day

uh uh, phones .. who was that ? satellius or cook ?

you know, i was at the dentist this week , and actually talking

like if you meet people on a train or something
or a plain maybe

it came to gaming and once more if there's one thing GAMERS across the globe will agree on

"phones suck" :)

so that wont be a priority no, i said before i dont want a product

i want " a work" :)

something i like ... not something i made because i think you might


rudyardcatling huh ?

that was never meant to be but i got plenty of music so the account wont stop posting

on the conversational side , however, between real life and real life, and real life and real life

since a few months i REALLY dont feel like people

so dont take it personally

unless you're one of THEM hahah

fuck this hellhole

yay for my programming salvation

sex would be nice too i suppose but

i vowed to all the gods and demons

no friends, no girlfriend until im out of belgium with my money and my cat

and if that never happens i'll just die the dark one

unhappy and alone :)

there you go, make that always positive

(dont, its retorical without the question)

dont force that smile on people ... makes them look like the fucking gotham joker some of them

life can be total fucking shit, and the way you look at it wont change that

unless you like getting it up the ass with spiked bats


yup, goodnight ...

i overtalked the time to talk again

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