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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


It's always a shame when people try to explain how the world works to me ... i know how it works, but the world doesn't seem to accept how i function. I'm slightly not bad at what i do, but i suck at being most of you , and that's just that. It's a waste of time to spend effort on stuff i'm not good at while i could be focusing on stuff i'm slightly not bad at. That's why symbiosis is important.
I call it symbiosis, not "team" ... team = fake and artificial, symbiosis can be organic ... and by now i lost half the world's population in understanding what i'm trying to communicate :)

So, i keep saying, unless i find my smoking hot asian marketing girlfriend, no matter how tek and snazzy, i'll probably end up playing alone HAHAH, it will get even worse likely when i promote with contests and prizes that apply only to people who are registered to the game because that's not open-source or mother theresa or something and probably against someone's rules somewhere on the planet ..?

Let me try some moving pictures, maybe that's easier ... (THATS NOT AN INSULT THATS MY SENSE OF HUMOUR)

i should look for a linux desktop recorder with sound perhaps because the jingle for the encounter i made is also slightly not bad .. or the background theme ... i actually went around a wet asphalt street with my phone to my shoes bent over my knees trotting around recording the sound for footsteps

at 3 am

and you wonder why some people think i'm crazy ? ... pft ... #squarephusher (Tom Jenkinson ... SUPREME electrojazzist - bassplayer - studio musician) once tried to sample the sound of "ants walking on sand" to use in his music ... so crazy must be relative ... also so much of a people person he once got on stage just to push "start" and went backstage again for the "live" concert lol ...

people person people .... ... most of them actually arent ... and me , i'm actually COMPLETELY NOT socially awkward, but it's a contradiction why i dont go outside anymore ?

no it's not

IM BROKE ... dude ...

out = money ... (at least to the places where i know and like to go ...)

Im further on that in the last vid but you know .... and i was so BRIGHT on a day as today to remove all HTTP REFERER bs (because frankly that offers zero if some scriptkiddie knows where your pages live) so now in my turingkilled brainset i find myself wading through error logs ... fixing stuff that was working, always a good one

ANYWAY .... it will be there when it's there, it will be playable, and if you're a trader you can probably actually make more than you vote or pay into it ... that should be the general idea (otherwise you're gonna have to grind LOTS and i doubt in the lower zones you'll grind a few STEEM together if you actually need to sleep ... and the other zones ? well, i'm on the washed up beach, im almost level 1.1 in phaser, i need about 10million xp to get to level 2, and when i'm level 100 i want to try babylonJS ... i was prone to appgamekit but that requires learning darkbasic, and i'm already confused on syntax so i dont need another language really, bracket here, isset there unset here this that ... five things at a time right, start with that

BECAUSE ... a zone like washed-up beach is actually flatland so the map is not too complicated but stuff like the UI overlay, the inventory system (boy o boy ... i can assure you this is not that in javascript context with several scenes overlapping and you wanna address text or infoboxes or slots in the underlying scene) but zones like the tunnels or the dungeon (i dont even have names for the copperzones and up) are NOT flatland ... you go up and down, left and right ... SO ... phaser doesn't do 3D ... babylonJS does, it doesn't have to be Battlefield gfx but actual 3D viewport would be (imo) awesome for that

think big, they said .... :)

well then, i think that covers the 10 cents for this post ...

ITS MOVING ! and SHINEY ! and it works with tokens that are based on steem without SMT's because i had the program half a year before they introduced it and actually it works just fine !

and that probably makes me STAYINYOURPLACEPEASANTCUZWEBUYTOWIN! or whatever ... pfft, feels like someone spiked the tapwater with Turingkillerpills again, i gotta do everything five times, spend two hours on some simple bit while yesterday that api went in 30 minutes ... compared to that phasering <>php sync is like 100x harder to me ... apparently
(which probably means im BIGHEADPEASANTWHATHAVEYOUACHIEVED ... i dunno ... i spent quite some money lol HAHAHA, and im broke as fuck atm, got about 20 euros for the next two weeks ... ... and so f...g what ? in the words of that guy named animal who got all his creds ripped off by metallica before they started sueing fans (old sore? allright, Lars, i think you made amends or something, right ? for being a dick ? okay, you're not a dick anymore ... sueing your fans who made you rich ??? ..... it eludes me, but normals do, its not like i dont understand them, it just eludes me because i simply can't be like that)

ever seen how many redundant bytes are travelling around your network or memory in ONE SINGLE OBJECT sometimes ?

check it out ...

and in order of i recorded so many i forgot which ones went where :

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Interesting.... very interesting.... well, most people in the world never even understand themselves and just think they understand someone else....

lol, Remember Crazy is just Genesis before anyone else realizes it.... (I just pulled that off the top of my head, I wonder if anyone else has ever said it before... hmmm...)


@coinsandchains i i should maybe mention the frontpage loads the bottom tab with jquery or ajax or whatever the pro's call it so if you use the url it will always just get you to the frontpage , the "repliestolastpost" script runs under the button 'repliestab' ... just in case you'd check ... i don't keep logs or anything , its a free hostinger account i don't even know where the logs are there lol ... bem ... back to an attempt at creativity