Still breathing

in #tyrnannoght3 months ago

----- revamping the site

( PEGI 99 , NO - A.I. license )

since the russians will lose the war next week and china is on its last legs while the USA is back on top again and europe is managing the world we dont feel like we have to call the batmobile


still looking for those few last youtube channels that arent trying to sell you anything

and all that

... getting younger by the day, healthier and certainly less to worry about in a booming, growing world

so - in case they decide to remove inactive ... WE AINT ... its just no time left in a life with sleeping disease to write ten-ton posts on steemit for null :)


Good to see you back!

If you are around can you tell me how to use @tipu? I asked several people who use it but no one answered. I can't figure out the different ways either.

Does the tiou curator still exist or are people pretending?

All the best 🍀❤️


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