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EDIT : i just noticed the playlist (atm on but will probably hand off that domain name next year b/c inflation is over and all that since last year) was completely not sorted and had videos added at the bottom

... its not a demo, its a memento

... not representative of the realtime executable and made for 4K-hdr

estimated time to complete for now : about 5 years :)

FEED A STRAY FOR XMAS, the universe will love you after all

they are victims too

they are homeless too

they got their roofs blown off too

the mice are dead from the poison in the water and

contrary to humans


but this is about mine, Memento Mori


(so im still breathing yes, just not very sociable)

Screenshot from 2023-11-29 06-57-31.png

for "perspective" : most of the decals are "2k" 2048 (its a thing where you need a power of 2 for efficiency and no weird stretching in the engine used ... should say "programming language" bc technically the engine would be what im writing with it ... and almost none of them have been edited, only a few "to get a feel" (like the cat that moves in two or three places looking behind a pillar or corner) so maybe im a bit optimistic and pixel-wise i should be looking more at eye of the beholder64 production times to get all that done ...

Whatever it is its never too much for the only friends who never lied to me ... family maybe more like

20 years i a long time in a human life

THIS is the closest i'll ever get to walking with them at night again ... not that it wold work anymore the hole has become even more of a hole and i think its moving toward Flint / Michigan slowly over the next 10-20 years

we'll see (or maybe i wont who knows ... they drop like flies from my age on these days, and if they dont they get something debilitating ... good thing i got out-scared by the age of 15 or id be worried sick to the point of unable to think)

ANYWAY - happy new years to everyone who can still manage to think for themselves

euramerica versus chindia ....

they sure learn from eachother when it comes to crowd control and 6o clock news reporting


anyone here who ever helped or had conversations, take care

im not really "coming back on steemit" or anything

six months huh ... yea five years wont be an overestimate and by the time im 150 years old and ill have a lot of routines that are a whole toolset to do cinematic trails but the a.i. will do that for you

i should be a little better at it by then i suppose - no kidding but before this never any glsl (obviously the raymarching sun through clouds is something cc0 i edited that would be a bit much for level 0 beginners)

... o right, so thats the playlist and

i see SBI is still active ... great

would be better if steem go back to $7 tho ... GANBARRE !


ah, if i was madman back then , then Janes OnderGrond is madmen² by now, since the last cat is gone with no way out of hell , no future,

surprisingly little stress ... no fucks given anymore

i guess there is balance in some way - the game will very likely not happen b/c crypto-money was essential to that but a c64 game was always on the kids bucket list so if the universe allows it then before deadline dead or demented that and this ... i wonder if anyone living outside disneyland still believes anything at all about "the future" ...

o nevermind , before lightning storms break loose from the shadow i cast eminently

dark clouds gather over mordor

i read the american economy is back on top again today and i thought

the russians have been in free fall for 20 years, china is done for for 15 years in a row now and the USA just keeps growing, expanding and getting on top ...

it somehow feels ...

fluid information


havent watched a news site in months, actually found out about Gaza b/c a Triad member (demogroup, not china) did a mini-demo on it ... dont think ill be paying attention any time soon anyway, its like every time i look up i hear the story i been hearing since the 1980s ...

i kinda know it by now, i can probably recite it backwards in my sleep ... time is better spent on my own life than it is on eurosuits mongering eurusa as the righteous hand of justice while "the others" are all evil and

OO, see ?

"why i dont get on social networks anymore"

in a soviet democracy : you should let outstanding citizens speak for you, they have the social clout to get away with it


Loving the cat temple for your cats you have added much more since you last shared, it's a beautiful sentiment for your passed away loved ones.

good to hear from you ... i know some things take time to pass, you must be busy im sure thats a good thing
but the sun has to come out sooner or later.

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