glitch in the matrix

in #tyrnannoght7 months ago

still have given up on the world, i just saw the russians are gonna lose the war next week and the economy is on the verge of collapse but not here, i must have seen that video 52 times now every week in a row se we'll have to assume the world isnt worth watching, its still the same only worse

The autovoters broke b/C the install broke and it turns out the thing still uses python 1 for some reason and we dont know jack about python 1 so it will take a -something- to get back up again

Not gonna start posting again, just keeping busy to prevent brainrot. Theres not much here in GAT without cat xept further decay

ill try some manual votes until i can get it up the again i want the system as a filserver for media and misterfpga files anyway



just seems like ground hog day again and again :)))

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