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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


should i ?
this article is free to link to for whatever reason

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pffeew ... i think i need a separate monitor just for my debugging numbers and that's only limbo-in-the-making with 9 levels on a map

diary of a hobbyist amateur

(warning : (<- damaged goods is me...) this is what i try to think instead of out loud because im not sure the neighbours appreciate that in the dark of night in a place where you're never further away than 5 metres from someone else in houses that sound like they have cardboard walls ... probably with some #stuff removed that gives away too much on gameplay and i think i didnt have a very good week so maybe you don't wanna read it or you might think i'm not the outward friendly polite guy i seem to be when outside somewhere ... which maybe i'm not, i dont know, that might just be my outdoor-face that kicks in on auto-defense

welleuh ... i keep saying i'm damaged goods and that i shouldnt be doing the talking, marketing and pr anyway for my stuff haha lol etc enz ... but i think its supposed to go the other way around after i tell someone they need to clarify that i'm not helping myself this way but pff well ... at least its real, but i have no idea on whatever i jotted down during the week , but its here anyway - ... im gonna need to inject some time management into my life if i am to be on more than one thing at once

  • wut, precious, think i should keep doing this ? i'm getting the impression someone somewhere doesn't like it ... i wonder what's wrong with me trying to DO SOMETHING for my share while trying to create an exclusive product ... maybe its the same old story and i'm "just not part of the clique ..." ... maybe not ... maybe it's here ... maybe it's there, but it's definitely somewhere...
  • well, the code is a clear mess, but so is my head , i think i'll start using a cheat-sheet from the washed up beach to remember what variable and what function does what but ... it's still me, the hobbyist amateur, things won't go faster by pushing, i forgot to put a "-1" somewhere so the scroll animation kept playing, i'm getting the impression my modifications did something so the chest trap anim doesn't trigger and .. either i disable the traps if triggered once or i put in a whole routine to make sure they don't appear in places that make a level unpassable ... i favour the latter but that means longer ... faster means lower quality, it does not compute to me ... i see things a little faster than i did two months ago but i dont really get to spend as much time on it as i would like, there's still the looming bullshit until i unsub from my social obligations, and then there's the no income, so ..
  • are you not entertained ? Why would i waste time on a jumpy realtime platformer that doesn't even by far link to the api ? what's the point in that ? showing off ? ... if i were a showoff i would have finished hischool and gotten me a prizewife and a shiney car with rims (i guess that's offensive but for some reason i feel offended since an hour or two)
  • guess i start by triggering once, i can always use that for later, i think i should do some research on wether its better to use an extra var for less bytes per page or not but loathe to ask stackoverflow because 9 out of 10 some dud will start about "the rules" again ...
  • yaya, i don't think i'll ever be fit to do p.r. ... that's a lot of custom now and the more it does that the less elegant it starts looking , very anti-current coding culture i suppose ... i wonder why i even bother wondering, it's like something's trying to put pressure on, which doesn't help - on the other hand i try to minimize data transfers but i need to make sure nothing gets to the client so it can be seen by a simple ctrl-shift-k log this or that or ctrl-s, right? One thing i do remember, life went a lot easier when these external influences didnt bother and i just went and did. Control freaks pffff ... you do know after so many pushes the defense becomes default, right? precious ?
  • some indentation would probably not hurt by now ... i DO understand python and why its so attractive, it won't let you code in sticky notes, right ?
  • okay then ... well i doubt many people read it, or otherwise a lot don't vote on it, all good ... there's more ways to Rome, i think i got to the point where i actually did all i wanted at least to, the chests, the obol still works (lol) despite the mods, the traps, but i also probably made a world record of most syntax errors and typos per hour in the last hour, but im gonna backpat myself for NOT postponing it hee hee - the frame was there, its just SO tiny at 64px i didnt see it, hazy as we are at 5:30 in the morning and i think my glasses are stained
  • i dont even wanna think about the time involved in rendering all the graphics and then refining them ... its a game, it needs sound fx too, now when it comes to that i'm not a total loser but my drawing skill is zero ... yay for blender but when it comes to blender im a total noob ... basically to advanced javascript as well although i think im making progress despite everything..., more tonight then unless something stupid gets in the way

  • mh ... i lost count of how many times that pc did that today ... always waiting until i had some, then crashing, doesn't come down to time running, or a specific exact situation, it comes down to a point at which i have enough to expand, no matter how or if i wait ten minutes in between, it shuts down like an emp wave ... then restarts from the exact same point when i boot, the last time to delete my savegame alltogether ... if it only were the first time - this is NOT malfunction or coincidence, despite that and despite the fact that i only cleaned the house because of it, there's only one way for me ... if i knew who id go over there right now
  • found a bug yesterday that was inthere from ... from when i wrote that scene i guess but never seen, which i think i fixed now , maybe not in the scholarly way but in a way that works, i'll do tweaking and testing over 100000 runs later, it would be nice to have two zones that work and connect, because the battle system for instance, in most cases will be alike , and a lot more stuff can be used all across the board you see, but that SHIT going on, whatever the point , acceptance, obedience, kindergarten nazis ... is not helping, certainly not making me a friendly guy
  • now back to where i left off, i think after the mods half of it was broken, then almost fixed but i think the one chest trap doesn't animate anymore ... SO HERE WE GO ...
  • nah its not all, it starts falling out on the other partition during the night when it wants to get me outside (yea, why i call it it) which means that if i go out then an event is scheduled, cop vans (which you dont see here more than twice a year usually), some kid on a bake standing on the corner staring at my back like he's shitting his pants ... it all stinks of very crude nazi testing , control and indoctrination tactics, and the frequence and fact that its always connected to events tells me its not in my head but maybe an attempt at making me ... i KNOW, ive been walking outside here at night with my cats since they stuck me back here. I walked with my cats when i had all five of them. I never had to "train" them or anything. So i KNOW what goes on here at night over 364 days : NOTHING ... hence, you can keep the theories and go with the facts
  • moving the emitters to the relevant function should at least clear up the one scene script a little (didnt know you could do that in update() phase until i tried yesterday)
  • added a frame to grabhand because the last one was so tiny at 64px i spent an hour figuring out why it didnt display at 5am yesterday ... but actually it did, i was just so blurry from tired with my fingerprinted glasses i didnt see it. All this resistance is VERY exhausting but it's at my core and was drilled in so if it's attrition it's gonna either stop or end up with me dead
  • putting up lorescroll blender file on opengameart
  • and the logo ..
  • my supreme designer skills still often seem to lead to hidden beetles going unseen for weeks but ... i'm not sure if that's just me, my mods seem to screw with different parts sometimes but then again, i'm not sure if that's just me, but most of the time i seem to forget a ) or an ] replacing by shorter varnames for frequently used ... however they change throughout the script so id have to assign them again ? pf ? hm ?
  • on how things arent always what they seem in the desert .... if you get a variable ending in _data and somewhere in the middle of your 350 lines you misspelled "_datat" ? you dont check the error log because in five or six runs everything works fine .. there's just this thing, but you expect php to crash on an error ... and thus it came to pass
  • i think sharing the actual npc's on opengameart might be an option if i can find a license that their lore/history has to be included no matter what game they appear in ... even if altered to some kind of dystopian universe i think that would be nice ... like Drizz't Do'Urden in D&D, right ?
  • hm ? it's the age of the internet precious, i <3 my classic novels as much as the next avid reader i used to be but a living character that can jump worlds ? :p ... tsch, well ... think big, they said ... now here i am ... being very small thinking big ...
  • yea ... typo's ... extra keys, the sleepy bits from between 5 to 6 am last morning ...i would be great if i could go at things for 16 hours straight a day again but as they tell me about chronic fatigue it becomes less treatable the longer it last ... i do ofcourse not have that because it does not exist and is only lazy ...
  • if i can get content with the washed-up beach after this i'm gonna start to worry about being a threat to the establishment ... who in most cases don't like the added value but prefer to be the top-dog ... good thing we're far from that. I'd lean more toward combined efforts to get more dollar for steem in the long run and interchangeable drops or something but that's not how things work, is it ? ... some people NEED to compete even if you never asked to play ... but the ten cents from writing six page essays seriously doesn't cut it, precious
  • besides, i don't think it will be for "everyone" as i focus on full HD pc play and i betcha fiver sales and marketing would be telling me that " MOBILE !" ... but ... no .. you don't play ark evolved on mobile either, or dark souls for that matter, not that its anywhere close - SO ... that already leaves out some potential competition to try and stab me in the back ... that leaves the "teams" stealing an idea and going at it with a marketing campaign :D
  • no, i don't trust anyone, you think i was born like that?
  • but i'm not gonna let that get in the way of trying to create some i personally feel good about and can (but has no guarantee) turnover at the same time ... but the AMOUNT, the SHEER AMOUNT OF TIME ... see, programming is one thing, and routines can be re-used or adapted (yes i say program and routines because its still what they are after all) ... graphics however ? .... there's a few rigs available for skinify from which things can be done, but not really your darksouls type dragon ? ... that's two, and that's a LOT more time so i think i'll have to start out with LEGO ...(<- is that copyrighted, the word itself ... should i disclaim or something) ... and THEN ... if i really want atmosphere, i need sound effects ... which i can handly myself ... background music ... which i can probably handle myself BUT if i REALLY want the characters to live, the npcs ... i'll need voiceovers ... so how do you do that ? you go at people like YO , you wanna do a voiceover for my game i wanna make some money with, ... "but i cant pay you because im a bum" :p ?
  • see that when it gets there, i think for some reason i might have exterminated the present bugs which leaves ..
  • moving enemies and
  • the exit
  • heh, should i go like "Yo, elipowell , ned .. krakenboys , dragos markymark .. you wanna do free voiceovers in a cameo ? it might help you pump the steemprice up, lol ..." gotta hear the voice first ... (<-lulz okay ... see that when i get there ...)
  • scrap that, undefined offset 0 ... - which it was in certain cases since not declared ... did earlier versions of php break less easy ? not that its not a good thing if they do now
  • and ... gameover after pickup but is ... 0 == null in php? yes ... && also !isset , but i think i ran into that a few times - mister design in full effect ... (or training?) - which in essence means if you clear an array by = array(); add one value to one index all the others will check "true" if checked for either 0 , null or !isset .. (i hope there's only three of that ...)
  • so i finally find a hidden hollow soul again but the chest does not seem to creak ... promise i'll clean it up from the sticky-note version to myself ... AFTER it works - i need the notes ... i'm learning ...
  • and that should have everything to do with my notification inserted for debugging screwing up the returned json ... if that's right i found 3 errors in record time ... i am made of win now
  • yup ... does that signify progress or sheer luck ? only relentless effort will show what it really is ... minimal backpat, i'm gonna smoke a fag in the garden (in U.K. english ...)
  • callback on specific animation, and that's now what ? 40 times i think lets get on to the next bit ... i wanna use one function for every deathtrap as they all have the same effect but turns out the callback is per sprite, hard to believe, i must be missing something
  • 5 am ... gotta think about my old bones ... bit of an elegance problem that can be solved by using the animation key in the callback function but i feel it would be prettier if i can use a specific handler that triggers only on a specific animation from the same sprite - we'll see if i get response on html5devs ... i'm getting tearmarks on my cheeks from yawning ... fried egg sounds like a plan - more tomorrow and hope by day i don't get interrupted by pc's shutting down on.event ... which is not amusing, and also not hardware , pretty sure of that
  • tried and tested, the animation is chained but it does what it should after the second one, i'll settle for that for today

  • yea, almost forgot, things work but a not openchest frame gets me an idea ... looking into efficieny (performance-wise) of stringsplit vs json.parse in javascript ... "it" has been pushing to whatever it tries to achieve, wasting a lot of my time in the last days .. yea, "it" ... it's in my cables, not my head. The why or what being i prefer faster and smaller over readable as i'm the only one working on it and the fact that i learned php array_push makes a call to a function which creates more overhead than array[] = , see ? now it feels like explaining a joke, ... not funny anymore :) , i'm trying to think in thousands or more of calls here ... i think that's the way to think but this is clientside yes, and still, on larger maps in large zones with a lot of listeners and whatever going on shaving off a few cycles if possible won't hurt, like client-side encoding
  • which is decided by the wise words (and indeed) "the downside of using JSON is that it will be larger on the wire" .. meaning 10 characters times 1000 (if only 1000) per minute is more than 4 characters times 1000, doubt settled, now on to problem solved :)
  • hmmm , if i take 1000 times typing this it means 1000 times not typing letters on the program too ... if i have use datastructures that need to be editable along the way (whatever .. characterfiles) associative is probably better, although that means a lot more data, but keys can be added or removed dynamically along the way up to Iounzone 8 without having to bother about re-structuring , if i need one-time even data that's sent over on every action for every player then smaller is definitely better ... now its CERTAINLY like explaining a joke and totally foregoing my jack vance quote
  • yea .. well, if it werent for the drill-thing that feels like an A.I. in toddler stage bred from the mindset of an elder nazi who doesnt get what it wants and tries to force it turning shit off every time i solve something i would probably be a lot further - i see im really finding errors a lot faster anyway, ... so even at five characters a day, the game is what im gonna do anyway, even if sinc im not mister marketing, a game in the end with 64 zones might be played by no one
  • its what im gonna do ... i have quit playing along a long (a la la ling long) long time ago ...
  • paragraph removed

-ill think about it ... i refuse to FASTER because that means lower quality and im LEARNING here ... that's why privacy is so important, if you don't some dud with zero talent and a shitload of money and a team runs off with it or worse ... some dud WITH some talent and a shitload of money :p its why i keep saying :"violation of my privacy is a capital offense, one that can never be forgiven and follows your bloodline until settled" ...

  • yea ... plussing variables here and then sitting 'there' staring, completely forgetting its "." not "+" or not actually but simply not seeing it lol ... (=lol yea , i know ... i'm a sick fuck ..)
  • so far so yea, 7 am hmm ... chests traps lorescroll, but so far every chest after the lorescroll has a trap in it - the "sprung" frame of the trap needs a bit more visibility (hard to say on the render before its on the map at 64px)
  • tsk ... obol placed at map 10 ?? ? ?
  • put a timer on the session starting at limbo , get avg finish time as it has to be finished in one streak "please mind limbo needs to be blabla so make sure you have the time to..." or something
  • mh , there IS no obol defined on map 10 (and there is no map 10 in the nine 'circles' of hell) ... but it says 10 in the debugglez , i'll leave the solving for tonight the yawns are taking over -
  • trap on every chest after lorescroll ... needs checking
  • okay, map runs , ports to exit point, so ... traps and extra item for sprung chests that arent empty (low chance) - ... am i writing too much ? probably , exit point with checkout, (ofcourse there's a banker in hell ...) pocket part of the account value (which means you can lose it on death if you dont get back to your corpse ...) (<-is question marks)
  • ah right fix obol at lvl 10 (??) - bridge the gap if has one so can exit right away - i definitely should exclude this from the post , as obol are ethereal items they stay on death so if picked up can leave limbo from the 1st map if there's one in inv without moving past the other 8 but can go through to pick up another one becaue they can be traded ... price set by player (<-is question marks) - or maybe in combination used to create "extra lives" ? (<-is more question marks) which should give more value as every character has limited lives so careless means true death ? (thats not a question mark ...) "guardian sprites ? " spirits ... prevent death on trap but limbo only (can not be sold? no should be, the more trade possible the merrier ...)
  • and ? i ... AH ! moving hollow souls in increasing numbers closer to the exit - no random encounters
    -cat home - im gna sleep , ...
  • o .. restrict drops to mainly resources, keep magic rare or ultrarare , rely heavy on player-crafted ? -> trade ... (heh, herculean ideas ... bem .. sleep)

  • early today , too many shutdowns , bad day
  • haa, obol was set to 10 for debugging runs ...
  • not too fresh after a week of auto-defense, but is that obol back where i picked it up? omfglol, definitely not fresh - lets have another half liter of caffeine first ...
  • dollarsigns haunting me down to the code, lus <> $lus ... fukin' a ..
  • that should do ... pickup sent different data on deathtrap or not - ... = no worries, that's only the animation, serverside everything as needed so the only consolehack i can see is to screw up the animations there as it won't pick up anything that's already been done - in essence screwing yourself when you do - an extra check on prevpositions vs. curpositions should make sure of all of it and in case of any error session destroyed perhaps ... in case of intentional or unintentional, if only to preven someone writing 10billion tin to the player by something i missed through any kind of packetwarz

  • three days later, i get the impression php invented a new error while i wasn't looking and for some reason it looks like i quit halfway during a power out forgetting to add ONE ":" leading to animations not triggering ... = OMFG !
  • mhh..
  • yagh ... and another one, having the same tile for teleporters as that other thing didnt show ... its the difference between number 11 and 12 in json but as i don't go for shiney first i didnt notice until now ... AMAZING how many beetles can hide in a few 100 lines
  • yay for grep ... figuring out where the 11s are in the file-soup might have taken some time otherwise
  • waw, that one colon seems to have fixed plenty at once ... diary of a non-designer hobbyist amateur :p , i might have written my first hello world in commodore basic when i was nine, and von neumann logic is still what it was but the rest is definitely more complex ... how something can be there without throwing errors screwing up several things at once that seem to not re-create on run-throughs and don't break the program and get fixed by that one : you forgot ? its magic, precious, mysticism and magic thinking in browserbased game-design ... without design ... actually not much ... not in the classic sense of the word i guess
  • everything seems to trigger as should suddenly ... im growing suspicious, lol ... so ... add option for trapped chest to contain something anyway on the next pass ? moving hollow souls and ...the exit to washed-up beach ofcourse, if all that works i can move on to the fluff but mostly to breaking my head over how to do the WUP-map, well limbo is not as much about re-playability as it is about being hell, since you dont really WANNA go there as it means you lost a life but the routines here , the chests with several options, the random placement or set placement of traps can very well act as the base for random encounters, its basically (i seem to use that word a lot) starting to look like the core routines and functions of the game somehow ... how did i get here? i got here slow and interrupted a lot and i think some are still trying to ... even if i certainly not asking to be bothered ... well, here, .. here and there, some here , some there ...
  • agh, obol flips to level 10 still on ... maybe something specific now tsk

  • getting hard to read what i wrote lol or maybe its just not my day - ... although i see where it's at i don't see something else, how about that for open source ?
  • right ... i need a lot of square metres to bounce off the walls actually ... i wouldnt fit in a cubicle very well - and every 15 to 20 minutes at least i do something i see like a dish or something something, now
  • if i'm right the current thing happens only after i pickup the scroll due to the way it's registered and checked, if i'm wrong i might need to read my own code line by line lol (ol ... ol ...)
  • which means yup i read that correctly , yay me ... i can read my own stuff heh - the routine for extra items potential seems to work though as a bonus ... everything worked fine yesterday like 100% si i thought it a good time to add some, now the solution seems obvious but im ofcourse wondering if i can "do in less" lol ... bytepicker .. bitpicker maybe, im sure i can do in a lot less but its about the whole function which, if i do now i won't have to re-adapt when adding extra functionality as im oldskool as i am ...
  • this is really more me thinking ... thing is if i start explaining everythign what goes where there wont be much game to game ... i still dont think opensourcing games that need exploring is the way to go, despite the current culture of give it all to microsoft on github and im pretty sure most "pro's" would get a fit if they saw my constructs HAHAH ... thing is here i got a check at the end that already uses a short version of checking and i dont wanna alter that AND php has a weird way of comparing non existing indexes, or NULL or 0 as such from what ive experienced so far ... so ...
  • are we confused yet ? setting an extra switch seems ugly and actually now i wonder if php has something i can use for direct setting of bits in one byte so i can store just one byte in the session that gives me 8 switches ... which will only be good if it's a direct built-in, otherwise writing an extra routine for that its probably faster to just add yet another variable but maybe there's another way...
  • only custum funtions ... it's about computation vs usage i think so maybe just another variable is faster (what the hell am i wasting time on in the age of add-a-terabyte tsk), assignment versus page size ... maybe i should just OR the condition instead of wasting time on tweaking now ... however, it itches somewhere ... (<-damaged goods) ... seems to do it at first sight ... i should probably not waste half the time of whatever time i actually spend on programming writing about it either ... but its thinking and it beats thinking out loud to the neighbours probably although it's slower ...
  • right, im just about ready to scrap the whole function and re-do it , kuh kuh ...
  • i think i got some insight during the catwalk, i don't know if this is "organic programming" or if some might call it shakesperean monkey-style, it's certainly empirical .. using switch/case in one part instead of conditional control should (i think) remove the possibility of overlapping when values changes under one condition due to the break; ... the function just needs re-structuring as the extras screwed it up , yes morgan, imma do this first, automation in due time precious and not before i feel safe to do so, i think i'll have to inject some time-management into my lifestyle if i'm to be on 2 things at once, im not sure if or how php does objects and if it would be better to treat "a chest" like one because its pretty much customized chaos, like the inside of my head, as opposed to a nice orderly set of objects being very nice to their parents ... we shall see
  • okay, add states that make sense - undefined offsets filling up my logs but not breaking anything ... "geezer" ??? who the hell uses that word ? i'm old enough to know it so haha lulz enz ... mh ? nevermind
  • (<- damaged goods ... no need to stress that, i keep warning about it all the time but for some reason it has to be other people telling me after i told everyone it is like that? - right where was i ...) ah ... yes, well serverside events is one ... pushing to the client is two .. displaying the right animation frames depending on is ... 2point5 ? and then ... this adds an extra level to the chest anyway, option, option, not level

thats it for the week but i really wanna fix the animations now i got the serverside fixed after it worked fine and then i added an extra bit

and it didnt :)

The Dark One out (is that trademarked or something, ... i dont have a name for the guy yet ...)

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