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the less info the better ? if i look at all major studios its really what they do




Im going with the pink since Linlin "Icecreamgirl" F. Lee still seems like a perfect match for my haremneeds and (well that actually "just happened after i misplaced the skin tex and some #stuff BUT , FERNANDA !!!! please have my babies, you can have the babies afterwards ... as long as we stick together AHEM)

where was i ?
owh ! (dream BIG they say, then they go like "keep it real peasant!"

Screenshot from 2021-01-17 12-17-32.png

i found the most awesome tute on hair too - actually for once from a guy who says : "it took me five months to figure this out but (im such a nice guy that im gonna) give it to you in short understandable sections here, please give me a like

(please do if you find something useful)

so if clothes start working out then i guess hair is next - - - by the time i get something usable blender will be at version 3.9 and all that bread i didnt eat for a year to get a ryzen will be nullified since it will be too heavy again

such is life

so don't get hung up on the dolf/pornstache on spicey - i need my dorf to have a beard and checking "braid" in the particle hair actually doesnt seem to do "just that" - - then there's the question of

"what does a model from blender with particle hair look like when exported to unity or U.E.4 ..."

we'll get to that by 2125 im sure

moving bits .. ( i have the most awesome screenrecorder btw )

i breached some kind of barrier where - hard to explain if you never opened up a blender and saw it scowl at you ready to attack , i suppose, where props i put on the dwarf always ended up a heads height above or below and transferring weight paint simply wouldnt work

The sandal doesnt look like much but having the whole thing (which is no longer a shift-D (or is that control) of the actual character mesh (which has all the keys applied to it and is rigged to the skeleton ofcourse) but a sep mesh wrapped and brushed and THEN applied to the Ole' Spicey / Orm Skaerer - character mesh .
Its basically like - euhm - a leap from here to Pluto for me since the difficult poses have virtually no tearing (you would disagree i suppose) after just clicking "fit proxy" - the least of any concern since all protruding bits can be really easily avoided if its just for the sake of short anims or turn-to-sprites once the frock bends and shapes the way it should.
As well as "de sjandal" - which moves where it should be
This should allow me to model almost any kind of clothes b/c i can use the shirt and pants as base, if i add a few more straps to the sandal then i have a base shoe. Most important thing is

that it moves and bends with the mesh - wether its a dwarf or a six foot tall human like Ordin or a slender elf or a fat
(bad word ?) euhm .... a pleasantly plump citizen like Matilda Downer (its what you would call a bar slut in real life - patent pending and all copyright applied)

and so and so

as for the on-site thingies ..

i got busy on a kind of CMS i will use to construct my world (not the visual but the whole thing on who is who and what goes where since i cant find anything that suits me, Ikarus is a nice bitty but not enough for what i need and if anything like that kind of software exists in the mainstream i either dont know about the free ones or its something i cant afford for something that gets me null. so

so there's the screenshot thing thats proof-of-work (i assume no one ever looks at those) and i have a new thing working on on a 1 in 20 basis (i have more weird habits than a pro sports player when it comes to what socks i wear tonight im afraid)
for now i call "the lore section" where i'll keep proper(ish) renders which can be viewed by anyone visiting but actually the section is meant to be part of the game for AFK ... or should i say away-from-home use where you can check the lore with nice pics and shiney , BUT depending on what your actual character has already learned about the world - the ultimate intention that it would hold clues

its not meants for kids and its not meant for easy - its not meant for mobile either since even if i could probably compile for android i dont think going crAppstore is something poor people do - compiling linux executables however costs nothing to distribute if you put up torrents - its a poor mans world after all and im certainly not blessed with the best paint BUT
not complaining since i dont want anyone's money cranking my style so its either my money or my money. I should have had by now but i dont so it wont and thus this

(and that)

click the little book icon (all wip - ... ) (1).gif

then select an entry to the left - (2).gif

you get an animation and it will show you a render of an in-game item/concept/zone/npc/something with the name - for visitors the intention is to have full 4k renders possible for viewing, actual players will get a whole wad of text (with hopefully clues and #stuff) - again : NOT MADE FOR MOBILE : the game client wont run on a phone anyway and even if i compiled it for android i dont see how i that would work on a 5 inch screen

i KNOW sid meyers brainchild has made it to mobile but do try to keep in mind that THIS GUY HERE (me) was playing Civ when he was 14 ... so it took even god a while to get to the point where it was acceptible

Project codename : dont wait up for it

unless someone has my 100 million ? guess not :)

then i'll just be me - an other wise thats the whole thing - i still would just be me or it wont work, nothing to do about it - if i win the lottery i'll start with the job applications : moving to mongolia is not required but ofcourse wouldnt get in the way once that happens ...

(lose the character it says , i think it just crashed my pc since it didnt like what i was saying)

SO ... will you download a 45 gb app like call of duty-pc to your smartphone ?

well theres your answer

yea i know : and i KEEP saying : i cant be the one to do the talking and they keep going

BUT YOU HAVE TO ! THAT IS HOW ITS DONE ! and so you get flappy bird ... and salespitch for brain as a product for a work

not my problem xept the money

i dont keep these indefinitely , just like the screenshots, except the ones i wanna keep that is ... most vids are deleted after two weeks

i keep the shots on the site, accessible in the *info* section

via here :

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 03-38-01.png

then here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-31.png

here, here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-49.png

and here

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-58.png

I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots .
*Brigitte Bardot*

ah yea , recap , euhm

domainnames : €65 : paid , funded : 0%

hosting 2021 - 2022 : €80 : not paid , funded : 0%

software cost : ... mostly free , phaser, blender linux gimp, a few though : AGK : paid, funded : 0% , would like agk visual and some bits like spriter pro : €100-€150 : funder : 0%

rtx card for not waiting 12 hours to render+bake on stuff and maybe being able to continue work on my lastbille model which has been stale since it's just too much for the pc to handle (in the editor - ...) : cost : €809 , paid ? they're not available here lol i have no clue who is all those testers online since i havent seen one up close or even heard about anyone having one

mainboard + ryzen + 32gb ram : cost : $600-700 and $150-160 on newegg (not available in E.U. ): funded :0%

startup actual company : cost : 10.000 - 50.000 (before making a cent and without gear or location or like anything but paperwork and state stamped approval) , funded : 0 %

realistic amount for production : 100 million euros , funded : 0%

and then some ... like business lunches and cocaine for the third-party collabs and sex-parties

employees : if i take people with no degrees like myself then perhaps living in my basement an overhead of 12000-15000 yearly pro captia and euhm , yea well

the harem ofcourse is the board as well so im not sure what they would want xept my soul

maybe if that CMS gets something that looks usable by anyone but me i put that on patreon but my patience for "dealing with humans" makes that already a fail so :

looking for marketing harem gf , will pay in promises


no , i wasnt born like this , only with the braincells and i think those are not what they used to be

hah - you DO think im joking ? but actually a harem of asian supermodels with skills i dont have would be EXACTLY what i need - and you can have the babies for the new breed - i dont know what to do with those anyway

(heheh - my sense of humour follows the twist in sickness of my life im afraid, i hurrd it hasnt improved much over the last years and it takes strange things living in shadows to understand im actually not a virgin-eating baby-sacrificing satanist but well)

as a plaque in one of my used-to favourite bars used to say :

do what you want
they talk anyway

salems lot signing off

do something useful ?

this IS useful, just like my alone time is for YOUR safety , it prevents me from turning into the monster you created and

to complete that spell we will need a hard to get ingredient :

find me a belgian in my situation who's on steemit or

find me a belgian who has been on steemit active almost daily for four years

bulk matters

ask twitter

or get me a ghostwriter, i'll probably the first 25 you send since they leave nothing in of what i actually say

end of the day

ywelll - i got as far as

"Bedhead Barby goes Tramping"

Screenshot from 2021-01-17 16-54-12.png

inbetweenies - ...

the standard female model is me a bit buff to me liking ... but surely there be women that alike , yarr

I just ...

here the virus is exploding (as well as brussels) ... got wechat with someone from the other side

in Harbing city , as many people as there are in this country, they had THREE new cases and are on alert

here it seems to have found a taste for hospitals and nurseries, with an entry point at the west (where to coast to britain is ) with guess what : the U.K. variant already having like 100 PEOPLE in one home and fanned out into the town (which means imo , something the professor on the news will be loathe to say since we allllll want positive lies over efficient truth : which means : by the time a pocket like that is noticed, by the time they have what i'll call "the red circle" and notice "the orange circle" (outward into town) its almost a given there will be a wider "yellow circle" around it - at time of notification ...

but you're not allowed to say that i think - so if china can do 3 for 10 million then is it the gov't or is it

"the people" ?

i wonder (well i dont ... looking at brussels and rarara the spike in brussels i dont wonder - i didnt but i have seen my suspicions about mankind and its mundanes confirmed

over and over

all through 2020)

thats off topic i really need to get strict with me, keep this game only and the other feed void of politics

(hard though - its beyond absurd here now, could give even the mericans a run for their money)

so : next week : bedhead barbie gets an aids test after a night with Ken 'n the boys

ah wait no

thats more for the daz 3D community ...

sneers ... :D

nah j/k .. blender and mb are missing anatomically correct imo

not that i have urgent use for penises and accessible vaginas in my renders but it should be there -

i DID find how to remove the black zone over the womans chest and lower area



but downthere shes

gender nothing less

and im like mmmmmmwewwaahh ... it should be there with a box to disable it

imo, they're like SO correct with the musculature and the bones and what not

if i had my 100 million id certainly be sponsoring since i woudl be using it A LOT for my AAA project

yesss ... very likely one of the big reasons why "the pro's" go "whats wrong with polygon hair?" if questions get asked and the men in blenderblack appear ...

from what i can gather since i looked at it first (quite some time ago) until now : there is no way to set the simulated frame for hairparticles as the rest pose SO

you are expected (in five minutes ofcourse) to painstakingly model all the particles (vertices) a manu more or less hair by hair into what you actually want (at from 0 - ... or 1 not sure) and that is the rest pose

there is no button anywhere that says "set frame to restpose" , not even in blender 2.9 (which refuses to boot on my old rig)

or google is lying and "the pro's" are keeping the secret to themselves, but YOU SEE - i watch that chinese anime here and there and they all have this thing where the hair moves in the wind (jav- anime has it too in the drawn 2d version, its "a thing" to make scenes look , well simply snazzier and more convincing and)

well to do that it would need that simulation thing active ALTHOUGH, by now,

i wonder how many ryzen you need in a cluster to animate a figure in full clothes with simulated particle hair physics to get it done in under one lifetime (assuming you plaster the background scene in later (also a trick i see used many a time in 3d anime-tion) b/c viewers who are "just viewers" will barely notice that since its all passed so quick and everyones focused on the action

and so


project "dont wait up for it" has had its name confirmed

please donate 100 million euros and your asian supermodels to 1-888-aid-tyrnannoght-the-dark-one

i did some math and - say i get a few of my favourite ladies from yonder and all time so i get like zoe saldana and thandie newton to do some voice acting, hoping they can each do at least more than one and maybe i dont know, who would do Ordin Styre, its gotta be a dark african voice, like and it cant be american ghetto-style either, then we take what mh - that guy from the boondock saints to do Ole Spicey and maybe a few people from Vikings bjorn ironside, ragnar and vloki maybe laagatha and

what ?

im already over my budget on six voice actors ?

okay - so

i'll re-work the numbers then a bit .. lets keep the voice actors for later
cuz i was like we need posh

so we need harry potter and hermione

and .. you know

i might as well try and get a guy from the big bang theory to make a cameo for one syllable : instant broke

you see ?

"voice acting" , even if i can do all that and get the machinery to render it within one lifetime

i can not do the voice acting

... bummer huh ?

i was just gonna say jack sparrow and brad twelve monkeys pitt but i think i'll stop before i get to angelina and will smith



who's got my money (the famous words of Grant Cardone)

next life then ?

i see

i had noticed that the princess was in another castle by now


Hey @tyrnannoght your continued support as been noticed and appreciated and so I have sent over another 4 extra SBI's for you.


are the man !!!


good to know sbi is still active, that'l come in handy and thanks a lot !!!

ywelll - i got as far as

"Bedhead Barby goes Tramping"

Screenshot from 2021-01-17 16-54-12.png

inbetweenies - ...