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Individuals with A-type personality traits are more disciplined, perfectionist, strict and normative. Success is very important to these people, they are a complete workaholic and this makes them overly ambitious and competitive. They love taking risks and are quick to reach the end. In cases of failure they cannot control their anger, act hostile and aggressive. This type of personality is very prone to stress is associated with cardiovascular diseases.

B-type personality traits are the opposite of type A personality traits. People with this personality type are more calm, relaxed, balanced and flexible. They live a life away from stress. If they don't, then they don't like to take risks with the logic. The reactions to failure will not be excessive and destructive. Because they have a more flexible structure, they can easily accept all kinds of results. They are patient and more tolerant to different results than they expect, they do not impose their own rules.

Individuals with type D personality characteristics are incapable of doing something. They feel constantly exhausted and unhappy. These depressive and pessimistic states cause normal situations to be perceived as exaggerated negativity. Because they are reluctant to fight, they give up the slightest difficulty and accept defeat easily. This type of personality is associated with depression in this gloomy mood.

Particularly if I look at the characteristics of the type C personality that I want to focus on, these people are the ones who cannot express their feelings and try to please everyone. These people do not live for themselves, do not care about their own needs, over and over, they behave selflessly.

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