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Minimum Withdrawal Now Set To 10TPC

With absolute delight, we bring to your attention, the new changes in our system. Until now, there was no limitation to the amount of TPC that could be withdrawn. We don't find this to be abusive, but the fact that the minute amount withdrawn sold at a relatively low price is adversely affecting the value of TPC. To be specific, some users withdraw and sell as low as 0.1 TPC at a ridiculous price. This is not healthy for our utility token value.

Henceforth, the minimum withdraw-able token is 10 TPC. While this is not the best news for some people, we ask that you look at the bigger picture. Withdrawing and getting rid of each reward as soon as they are earned would eventually have negative effects on the market value of TPC. Keeping them, however, means there will not be too many sell orders and this perhaps keeps us from bidding lower prices in a quest for fast transactions.

Growth and number of token (TPC) holders

Our ecosystem keeps growing each passing day. So far today, five new members joined our discord community and adopted our utility token. TPC is currently experiencing a rise in value with its last bid being around $0.07406 and a total market cap of $37,033.

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New users5
Total token (TPC) hodlers87
Total discord community members58
TPC last bid price$0.07406
Current market cap$37,033

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this is the most fun I've had on @steemit in a long time. I sold some but to send to another person so they could have 20 coins. I'll hang on to the new tokens I earn. I tell everyone who will listen how fun and addicting it is.

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Glad it is included. Thank you @pennsif