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Hello everyone,

As always, today is another day for our discord contest, Fastest-finger. The last Wednesday was fun as usual, and we used the proposed poll system to spread and reward winners. We got some suggestions last week by a community member on expanding and strapping out the Steem reward in this contest. We are already working and planning on expanding the contest. This may also change the name from Fastest-finger to Fastest-fingers because we will have more than one winner in every round.

@shrazi, @karamyong, and @darewealth got from the reward in the last event. The words typed is shown below:

If you wish to take part in today's round, join us by 5 pm UTC on our discord server.

Since we are yet to change the reward, this is a short recap of the current guides:

Benefit for the fastest typer.

This is organized for fun and engagement. However, there will be a nice tip for the fastest typer. The winner of every edition will receive 3 Steem and 10 TPC. The reward may change later, but it is more likely to increase.


Ensure your texts are correct before pushing the enter key.

No editing should be made after submitting the texts.

Again, ensure your texts are 100% accurate before you push the enter button.

Days for the contests

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. All through 5 PM UTC.

Channel Name

#fastest-finger on our discord server.


Find a good position and sit upright. Your sitting position will affect your typing speed, so make sure you are comfortable.

Always scan the words you are typing a word or more in advance. This will allow you to type the words without looking at the content you are reading while typing.

Do not rush. Make sure you hit the right word when your finger is on it. This will improve your accuracy, and your speed will increase as you practice more often.

Stay up with TPC on Steem-engine

Remember to always follow the upward trend of the TPC with your sell biddings. Do not be too anxious and bid at lower prices, for this hurts TPC and reduces its market value.

Thank you for following our updates and being part of this wonderful family. Continue to type and earn!

@typeearn team

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