Cake typical aceh (keukarah)

in #tyipical4 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone, how are you guys today hopefully healthy and able to live their respective activities. At this meeting I will share about the typical cake aceh (keukarah) .This food may be familiar to the steemians that are diaceh, because usually the cake (keukarah) always be a mainstay at the time of the big day or the feast for Muslims.

Tradition of cake (keukarah) has been a tradition since ancient times until today, armed with flour and coconut milk "keukarah" ready so ideal to enjoy it. At this time many keukarah cakes that forget about it, so keukarah cakes are rather difficult to look at this time, because the more advanced and modern.



Rayeuk that keukarah

Biasa aduen kekurah awk pasee nyoe

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