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Without putting in much effort into something to earn huge profits, most people have seen the concept of investing as a very tactical way of generating income owing to the fact that, it gets very amazing when the investment platform offers risk free on its packages. One cannot deny the fact that, Investment happens to be another form of generating passive income without you actually setting up trades or business firms, but you just sit in the comfort of your home whiles your money works for you. This concept of business has been applauded by many and has undergone through quite a number of milestones ever since people got to know about it.

Conspicuously, almost everybody can be a master of something if and only if they are able to coin out the power to actually go for it. There are people who have good marketing strategies and skills to actually put funds into good use and establish businesses. In the world of cryptocurrency, some firms or organization have a stable foundation than others and so sometimes it would not be appropriate enough to have at the back of your mind that engaging in the same business will make you have a stable foundation as well. The best thing to do is to either join their platform with your funds by investing in their products or be a beneficiary of their great success.

These were some of the reason why people got into investing their hard-earned funds into projects which are of cryptocurrency base but the question is, are people who are investing in cryptocurrencies actually earning what they are supposed to earn from their principal amount or they are rather incurring extra losses? It is rather unfortunate that investments plans that are made in fiat currency on the average does not generate much profit for its members and it gets worse if it is done with our central banks who tax almost every transaction that is occurring on its platform. However, the emergence of blockchain technology has brought significant opportunities to all who invest in cryptocurrency b ut this is the case where most of the current crypto market have taken advantage of the excitement and vulnerability of the masses of ordinary investors to put them in the big trap of Pump and Dump to gradually withdraw their money. At the end of the investment platform you will realize that the investor does not earn much profit as he/she might have speculated.
It is against this backdrop that Twogap wishes to combine the blockchain technology in exposing Crypto Investors to the opportunity of acquiring powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss products which will in turn offer amazing offers to them.


Twogap which is a crypto base project has made all the necessary background enquiries in various models and have come up with a very trusting model and this model is what Twogap will be relying on to invest with the funds people have deposited into their platform. This system has been put in place by Twogap platform because it would be unprofessional to just invest funds of members into any project without actually making a speculation about how feasible or sustainable it is going to be. Twogap with their experienced researchers and business specialist have spotted potential asset known as the CryptoBonds. This asset( Twogap cryptobond) will be incorporated into the Twogap platform and this tool will help an issuer to encrypt traditional Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are circulated legal in the Crypto Market.
Besides that, the Twogap cryptobond will also protect investors, boost the market, extends the scale, and become the backbone of the Global Crypto Market’s sustainable growth will be the biggest scale stop-loss product to
save Crypto Investors. The points enumerated below in the subsequent chapter elaborate on the numerous benefits that Twogap will offer to its investors to make their investment a success.


  1. The establishment of the Twogap platform would give birth to a whole lot of ideas and initiatives that would benefit people, members or organizations who would want to invest with them. As welcoming as Twogap is, it has put in place a strategic system by incorporating utility tokens into its ecosystem and this token would unlock services and transactions on the Twogap platform. This initiative has been tested and proved successful. Twogap has seen that, incorporating the utility token into its ecosystem for members to invest in will help curb the losses that some investment platforms fail to make before getting into any project. This would help protect the funds of members of the platform and ensure that they receive regular passive income from their investments on the Twogap platform. One interesting thing that members of the Twogap platform should be happy about is the fact that, the utility tokens brought up by Twogap are not covered by the SEC. We all know the series of disadvantages that most security tokens of other investment platforms exposes investors to. These security tokens normally face the strict monitoring by SEC and so investors are very likely to lose all their funds in an instance where SEC orders such investment platforms to shut down their trading activities.

  2. Making enough profit is what comes to the minds of people anytime investing comes in mind but little did they know that speed of transactions is key to a successful investment as far as blockchain technology is concerned. Making transaction within the shortest possible time does not only help to do away with the delaying of trades that exist among investors but also saving time which goes a long way to increase the nation GNP. Using Twogap platform therefore, will act as an accelerator to this transaction and the general benefit will affect the nation, clients and the financial industry. This would go a long way to reduce and eradicate trades that take up to five days (5days) to be successful due to the modernization that Twogap seeks to employ currently.

  3. In spite of well improved engines and research methods in
    Twogap platform, one might be wondering the about the cost involved in investing in Twogap. This should never get you wondering at all as Twogap has all the necessary requisite to ensure that transaction fee is reduced by two-thirds compared to the Traditional transaction. This is a huge reduction fraction and through this feature the problem of users who are in need paying huge amounts are solved in Twogap. Priorto reducing transaction fees, the client using the Twogap platform will have his returns plus the two-thirds reduced fee. This therefore, makes Twogap the best platform which investors, organizations and individuals who want high returns cannot afford to miss. This important and interesting can only be found in the camp of Twogap platform only.

  4. Twogap has all its investors well covered in that, it seeks to make sure that all sensitive data of investors are well secured. That is to say, there is no way investors data can be assess by another party. Twogap has improved tool that resist tampering of the information through the immutability of the Twogap Blockchain and its applied algorithm. This alone should tell you Twogap is not here to joke with the sensitive data of investors. You as an investor has nothing to fear when it comes to breaching of sensitive data by another party. Twogap has got you covered.
    Please refer to the whitepaper to get more details about how Twogap cryptobonds are laid out and would also function.


TGT token is ERC20 standard
Maximum 210 billions TGT token will be issued
33% for ICO privatesale and crowdsale
33% reserve for minting (incentive mechanism motivates all parties
involved in TGT tokens Economics)
33% for ICO + 33% for incentive mechanism = 66% belong to
4% for Bounty
15% for R&D
15% for team and advisors
1TGT= $0.001


There are several investment platforms that are available but none of them has the package and security that Twogap is offering you. It is one of the few investment platforms that has gone further to regulate the volatility of cryptocurrencies by adopting to use cryptobond as an asset backing the Twogap Token. Join Twogap and let's build a strong and stabLe investment platform.

This project is backed by a group of hardworking team members who have the in-depth experience in their various fields of discipline and with their skills in the field of investment strategies, they would see this project to great success. Below are a few of the team members. Kindly refer to the whitepaper ( or website( for more information about the entire team members. From there you can read more about their profiles to know their authenticity. This is to assure investors so that they can invest into this project and no perfectly that their funds would be put to good use.

For more information about this project please follow up on the following contact lines:






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The research team of this project are really up to their toes because the fields in which they have decided to invest into are really profit generating sectors. I guess i have to join this platform in order to get my share of the revenue which is going to be generated.

Great initiative. Other companies should follow this company's footsteps. Helping people is their hallmark

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