How to make a genius Twitter profile - Top 5 Learnings from a Tweeter, Twitter Junkee and Tweet Guru!

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Before you start reading this, i need to lower your expectations!

This is not about ''how to use twitter''. I am not a Twitter person. After realizing this week, that Twitter is really common in business and especially with bloggers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs I reactivated my Twitter Account after 8 Years of abstinence. ( Not to mention the twitter trump hype at the moment!)

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So the truth is- No, I am not successful on Twitter yet. I am actually the newbie of the newbies. Even the Twitter Login took way more time then it should! I opened an account 2009 and never made a tweet. I am wondering how and why I made 33 Followers in 8 years of not being there. Remembering, I connected once my Youtube Channel on Twitter and forgot it.

But here is the story. When you start the Digital Nomad Journey you meet actual people in coworking spaces. The good thing is, you can learn from them. So the value of this post is maybe not exactly what the title said, but you will get some little piece of wisdom from a twitter guru, who optimized my twitter profile tonight.

LEARNING 1: Twitter Profile Banner

I am a marketing person. Branding is one of my favorite things to do. I structured no my Branding for 2018 all around social media to be recognizable. As a newbie on Twitter, I actually thought, this should have the same colors like on all other social media platforms. The good thing is you can adjust the twitter profile colors. So I went actually back to photoshop to get the right color code fitting to my profile banner. Before I did this, I went on research and downloaded a twitter profile template, which you can copy from this post. I knew this from facebook banners and youtube, that you have to be careful with your text on the banner so that it gets seen on every device. So I googled for twitter profile picture size and started to create this!

Twitter Header 2.jpg

Feel free to download it as well if you need a good header. But wait maybe till I tell you what the Twitter Junkee says! Here is the link

After finishing and uploading this wonderful piece of branding ( maybe you like it, maybe not) the Guru checked my profile.
At the same time, there were 2 other gurus in the room - Here were 3 hours Twitter experience talking again way over 10.000 hours Twitter Addiction. 33 Follower VS. 28K Follower -

The Learning!

Fxxk of your Social Media Branding - Just use a nice beach or Palm tree as background! Like this-


Learning No 2 - the perfect Twitter profile picture size

Corporate Identity- Consistency in Style - These were my thoughts.. not necessary laziness or a lack of pictures.. so I actually used the same picture like here on steemit. The idea was to actually be consistent and recognizable.

The Twitter Junkee: First of all, don't do black and white pictures, this is bullshit.
ME: Hmm.. okay ( not right happy about it, as I like black and white :D )
The Twitter Junkee: And use a high-resolution picture. People are smart on Twitter. They judge you by your tweets and by your picture. When your picture is bad, they may not like your tweet as well!
ME: ..Makes sense!
The Twitter Junkee: The best way is - Show your eyes. People connect when they see your eyes!

Learning No 3 - Write a compelling twitter profile bio

( this was something I tell my clients on Instagram as well!)-Made absolutely sense!

This time the Guru just added a lot of Emojis to the Bio.



The Twitter Junkee: Twitter User don't do hashtags anymore! (WHAT???)
ME: Okay..hmm Interesting. But Twitter recommends them on the side.

The Twitter Junkee: That doesn't really matter anymore. Hashtags are on Instagram. A True Tweeter doesn't do hashtags anymore, that's from the past.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! LEARNING NO 5 / Twitter Bots and Tweet Automation

The Twitter Junkee: Don't do Automation. ( This was said, because my Youtube videos and my Instgram Posts were connected to my Twitter Account. So I had a lot of Tweets the last 8 years without knowing it)

So this was the end result!

When you found something here, that you didn't do on Twitter yet, go back to your profile and change it!
At the end simplicity, honesty and consistency are the true factors so win on Twitter!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-22 um 02.31.37.png

What are your best Hacks to win on Twitter? Leave me a comment and help a Newbie to grow.

Ah and before I forget! Follow me on Twitter! ;)

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