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I am looking for an expert in social media marketing. In particular, someone well versed in buidling a Twitter following and making viral tweets.

The person must also be well versed with the Steem blockchain or be willing to learn. I can teach this part to them; the most important aspect is the ability to grow a following on Twitter. Willing to work for crypto is preferred.

If you know anyone, please DM me on discord, dhenz
#7687 - Thanks!


Well, I would not call myself an "expert" but I certainly know social media and I know how to drive traffic. Thanks @manoldonchev for bringing this to my attention. x

Yep @Jaynie is a beast when it comes to twitter and online marketing!

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You're welcome :) I think you da man :)

xoxoxo and yes, this is one area I don't have any doubts on.

I'll second that! @jaynie can do that. She knows what she's doing.

I will third that one!!!

When you found this type of person please let us know! Coz I also planning to hold a Bounty Program based on Tweet about STEEM! Yeah Twitter, we need to focus on that platform to promote / marketing STEEM!


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@fitinfun I can hear Ozzy screaming your name now 😜 SHARON!

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Haha! Thank you @d00k13. I put my DM in a twitter and now will at discord. I was on travel this week and sure appreciate you for this!

Your welcome I thought a little Ozzy action would be appreciated 🤪

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🏃🏃🏃 on my way to your DM now ..
But spoiler alert 🚨🚨🚨 @jaynie all the way


I think you would already know that Jaynie @jaynie is an exceptional social media dynamo. Knowledgeable in both Steemit and Twitter, as well as a wonderful writer with bundles of enthusiasm for everything she does, she would be perfect for the task. Will DM. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Dear @theycallmedan I am a twitter marketer. See my profile here

Thanks to @jaraumoses for referring me to this post.

I second @jaynie as the BEST you can find. She has not only managed to garner over 50k followers on her FB page, but her twitter is always active and has high influence over centralized and decentralized platforms!

So I can hold my own on Twitter, I guess. I've been doing it since 2008, or somewhere in there. But I really shine at blogging, if you could use a ghostwriter.

well in crypto space its only - apompliano

done. DMd you with my suggestion!

Good day Sir. @theycallmedan. How have you been? I will like to ask you for a favor please. I really don't know if you would tolerate someone asking you for this, but I think it's better I give it a try. Who knows! I might get lucky..lol.

I will like to ask for your support in terms of upvote please. Probably you can set my account to get an auto-upvote from you. I will be elated if granted this request.

(NB: I will be very much ready to give you reasons why I need this and why you should consider my request incase you need one)

Thanks sir!

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@theycallmedan, This Initiative is appreciable. Hope that soon you will find an Expert who will drive this idea 💡 on Tweeter.

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I am supporting by fellow PHCs: you could do a lot worse than @jaynie...couldn't find you on Discord..

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@theycallmedan, I can volunteer myself no doubt

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