Twitter Rabbit Hole?#7

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From Benjamin Netanyahu Account we will travel to the east to visit the Palestinian Prime Minister account.
t2 - Copy - Copy.jpg
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A "people search" produced few accounts. We have our first surprise right at the beginning. There is no verified account for this guy. It seems that Twitter does not recognize Palestine. However we did our own investigation and we can say with a big degree of certainty that he has 5 genuine accounts. We can say that for 3 reasons:
1- The tweets, followers and the followings all indicate that these are real accounts.
2- We don’t think that anybody outside Palestinians would like to impersonate Mr. Fayyad.
3- We don’t think that anyone within the Palestinians have courage to do that.
As usual a snap shot below.
Salamsearch - Copy.png

The first two accounts are useless since no much activties going on.
Salam1 - Copy.png

Salam2 - Copy.png

This is the 3ed and the official account. Nothing is unexpected.
Salam3 - Copy.png

This account has some interesting followings
Salam4 - Copy.png

Here is the first one. This guy love to do video chatting and has 1 following and 8 followers
Salam31 - Copy.png
Salam312 - Copy.png
And here Mr. Fayyad following him next to Spongepop
Salam313 - Copy.png

And this account about Real Palestine showed below with sample tweet.
Salam32 - Copy.png
Salam321 - Copy.png

And this account about Real Israel with sample tweet below. Compare that with the tweet above by Real Palestine.
Salam33 - Copy.png
Salam331 - Copy.png

Notice the claim (Facke News) that Jews where displaced forcefully from the Arab countries.

And finally this account with sample tweet of Mike Pence.
Salam34 - Copy.png

Finally the last Account here
Salam5 - Copy.png

And we found all these accounts to be very interesting but the discount shopping stands out. Understandably
Salam51 - Copy.png
Salam511 - Copy.png

Mr. Fayyad is interested in what Oprah and Ellen has to say as well.
Salam52 - Copy.png

Then we found this Palestinian passport whose tweets look like some kind of coded language.

Salam53 - Copy.png

Salam531 - Copy.png
Finally to do damage control on time he followed Exposing Idiots account
Salam54 - Copy - Copy.png
Salam541 - Copy.png

If you like to see more as we drill deeper in twitter

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