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All Steem Twitter marketing campaigners beware!

Looks like Twitter have shadow banned Steemit Inc's Twitter accounts. I have been seeing this since yesterday. I also did not notice a single tweet by Steemit Inc in my feed too.

If you go to @steemit as well as @steemnetwork Twitter profiles, this is what you will be greeted with:

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 7.40.01 PM.png

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 1.10.05 PM.png

If any of you know the reason behind this shadow ban, or if you have any thoughts about this, let me know in the comments section below.


Probably not because I got locked out of Twitter 3 times in the last week and I just needed to unlock it.

@techcoderx - we currently have many low value and new twitter accounts tweeting with the one hashtag of #steem in promo posts. They are not tweeting any other topics and just rting each other to themselves.

@nathanmars - Are both of those accounts above yours?

yeah. don’t think that has anything to do with it. have you seen the ‘xrp army’ on twitter lol

i think it’s an ownership issue. so hopefully. twitter is just confirming the proper owner of the accounts.

i hope lol

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I only have one Twitter account - nathanmars7

Thanks for letting us know 😃

@nathanmars @techcoderx wow ☹️ I noticed the same. I guess it´s over 😳Maybe they will put us all in jail 🤡

lol that's just in your dreams hehe :)

I heard rumors that steemit is shutting down. 😶

oh is that real ?
and yea @techcoderx steemit is a dapp on steem blockchain there is some dapps similar to this like busy.org

I don't know but I guess it will. Not steem, but steemit like you mentioned. I am using esteem, but for some reason I am always looking at steemit.com and after that I change to Esteem.. anyway I think that it is true steemit will disappear

hmmmm......will see

If Steemit Inc goes bust the blockchain will continue to exist

yes that's the good thing 😊

This is weird, investment is coming ?

Makes me wonder whom controlled that account 🤔

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Did they wear a #maga hat?

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