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For the last few weeks, Twitter has been running a test on selected accounts to allow tweets longer than 140 characters. On November 7, they announced that everyone can post tweets up to 280 characters!!


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I am thrilled, of course there are people that are not happy. If you want to chat about it, leave a comment!

This article on Buzzfeed does a great job of putting it all into perspective.




-Bruce and Sally Witt Sally K Wittabout.me%2Fsallykwitt.png

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"This article on Buzzfeed does a great job of putting it all into perspective."

Words never uttered before.

Double the characters means double the crap from some folks. Maybe they should only allow certain people 280 characters. :)

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In some ways this is good, a picture is necessary or short video and IMHO a full length URL so that people know where they are being taken instead of shorted URL, so this might be a good thing. Thanks for sharing the update @sallykwitt

Why would people be not happy about it unless they are the ones who manage all the tweets on Twitter

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Twitter is scam and fraud! Only Steem!


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Did you notice they have made a steem-tweeter?

Thanks for the update @sallykwitt. I find it difficult most of the time to tweet but now it will be easier than ever.

Nice development

great content! and thanks again for following!

Steemit is much much better thn twitter @sallykwitt

Lets steem