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RE: Twitter CEO Declares Bitcoin To Be "World Currency" Within A Decade; Facebook Flounders

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Glad to see fb's stocks got such an crazy sharp decline there, hope it continues, all the way to 0. I'm sick and tired of them making money on billions of unsuspecting sheeple. + all the spying and whatnot.


Yeah, maybe it will made them think and stop this stupid ban.

"In the end, the world will come to a single currency, the Internet will come to a single currency. I personally think it will be bitcoin, " Jack Dorsey said.

bitcoin will never be the one as it cant handle even 300k transactions let alone billions that would be necessary for it to be a real currency used worldwide

ye they are too much of a monopoly. lol sheeple to true unfortunately! saw on the news the other day they had given away 57 billion friendships!! how insane is that?!

How will Mark Zuckerberg pay for his "how to act human" classes after?

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