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Let's Try This Again

I always sort of dismissed Twitter as a "less than useful" social media application. However, three things brought me back:

  1. Twitter is apparently now a legitimate source of news and information. Seems like everyday I see people's Twitter accounts quoted on legitimate new stories. I thought for a long while this was ludicrous, but I guess I'm just behind the times.
  2. Valuable crypto news and discussions take place on Twitter. Nearly every big name player in the crypto industry has a stiorng Twitter presence (and the Twitter fights are entertaining to say the least).
  3. Trump's tweets... enough said.

So, I had to recreate my profile.

I stuck with a crypto theme for my profile. First, I found a cool crypto handle that I could use. It is a sort of mix between Wolf of Wallstreet, Ethereum, and Bitcoin... Wolf Of Eth Coin. Then I created a background that combined my favorite three crypto's with a San Fransisco backdrop. And finally, I uploaded an editted image of me in a suit (to go along with the Wolf of Wallstreet theme. Here is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.49.53 AM.png

Please consider following me:

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