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Blockchain is everywhere but almost no one really knows what that means. There are also so called D-apps. Like…what?


Blockchain is a chain of blocks. Like a train where each coach is a block and they are chained together. Each new block added to blockchain has a reference to the previous one. That’s it. No rocket science.

What we like about blockchain is that it’s distributed. That means everytime the whole blockchain changes it’s distributed to thousands of computers. That’s quite cool because you cannot just modify something what is already part of the blockchain. It’s baked in there forever. We call it “it’s immutable”.

Governments wouldn’t like that. They modify history all the time.


It’s an application that somehow leverages blockchain. Yes the linked forever-baked-in blocks together. Once it’s there it’s there. No one can tell you he didn’t messaged you this or that. Or he didn’t posted that. Or uploaded that. You see the point?

Why you should care?

The history-preserving feature is all about making history. No one can manipulate informations, prune tweets, walls, “regulate” what you have done. The thought is quite deep… you have to think about that for a second.

D-apps again

Those D-apps I’ve mentioned before…. They are new cool looking apps that are just raising up. They are let by community and not by single company. There is no CEO who can sold the company or just shut it down in a second. Think about that like it’s something new which comes with what we have now and adds something extra. Let’s mention something specific



Peepeth is the “twitter on blockchain”. Now you can probably imagine what is that. What does that mean. Yes, it’s a new app which saves all your action to blockchain. So if you are being a di*k the history will remember you so. If you are being a guy who posts cool articles and links… you get that?

Peepeth looks 90% similar to Twitter. It’s because we are used to that and there is no need to reinvent it. It’s super simple app also good and simple looking.

The cool thing is you can just link your Twitter and Peepeth accounts together and once you post a “peep” the application also posts a “tweet” on you Twitter. So why not post on Peepeth when there is no extra effort required?

Oh yea… did I mention there are no ads?

How to open my Peepth account?

Just click here. Once you are there, you can follow me.

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