Twitter locks me out of my account again

in twitter •  3 months ago

So I’m scrolling slowly through my Twitter feed, reading what’s in my timeline, and then all the sudden my account is locked.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 12.34.14 AM.png

Capricious web2 censorship is why we need web3.

The same thing happened about 6 weeks ago.

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As always, put links in the comments. Twitter censorship

Again?? This is ridiculous. Did they even give you a reason? Did they give you a reason last time? Centralized social media needs to die off already.


"appears to have exhibited unusual behavior."

same as last time. whatever that even means.


The haters are out in full force. Sorry dude.

Compare the last tweet before your previous expulsion and this one. Any similarities?

Your most recent tweet could possibly be picked up by the new spam filters they built to try to battle the cryptocurrency bots: "Impressive. That's significantly more ETH than I got in a year for the newsletter, and that was when ETH was worth $10"


maybe, but another similarity was that I was outside of the US both times. so who knows?

the bottom line is that Twitter is terrible. They can't write an algorithm that will suspend accounts that are obviously scamming, yet they frequently suspend people for no good reason and take a long time to unsuspend their account.