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Roxcella – Interview with Aisha from the Dragon’s Den – October 2018

Cyber Pedophile Hunters, THE DRAGON'S DEN - The Real News with Rox Cella

The reason for this critical review is to explain and make known the fracturing occurring inside online worlds still evolving, worlds still attempting to define themselves. I saw such a fracturing several months ago when I bore witness to an earthquake caused by pent-up frustrations and feeling helpless.

When I saw this online paradigm destroying itself it was when #OPPedohunt soured for me and when I questioned whether what I contributed was worthwhile.

So my critical review of this interview with Aisha of Dragon’s Den is offered as a treatise to a future I still want to be a part of, as I will always submit for a cause that is far greater than us all. I apologize for previous comments and take the responsibility of what I said. I was emotional and for lack of a better word, triggered back to an intense time of plunging into darkness to expose it to the light. And now I am trying to explain the triggering I felt after seeing the interview recently as I think it must be known.

All cryptocurrency generated from this article (probably a few dollars) will be gifted to Rox Cella and Dragon’s Den. The article is = published on the steemit blockchain where the period of crypto income earning potential is limited to 7 days. Please give me some time to sort out ways of getting it to you once the 7 days are over.

I am ready to help with knowledge I have and with writing it out to get it out. I am ready to help others do the same.

Yet this readiness comes with an exception:

“Don’t come at me to draw swords, with a war cry of “En Guarde! So, what have you done?!”

Instead, know that we must be asking:

“So, what can we do together to get it done?”

Article is mainly comprised of notes taken during me viewing Roxcanna - The Real News' interview with Dragon's Den / Aisha


First of all cyber pedophile hunter is a mouthful. What does it mean? What does it mean to take it as a choice of work? (1m46) What are the terms of engagement and why does such a choice of work exist?

My personal opinion is that you don’t call this Cyber Pedophile Hunting or Pedohunting at all.
And be honest this isn’t work, it’s fuckin torture.

“…Not dealing with the abuse the correct way…”
Then, or now?

“hopefully in the future by bringing awareness to this, we’ll see more of that”

“twitter keeps us plenty busy.”
“Isn’t that the truth”

Banging a head on a brick wall will keep me busy too and might not help me see the truth of how pointless an act it is. I’m hoping that I’d realise the futility before any permanent damage is dealt to my brain. I’m hoping I’d realise that’s not how I’d try to break through a concrete reinforced wall to get to the other side. But there are still times now when I am banging my head on a wall.

Short conversation on how many aliases Aisha had and how many are needed. Identity concealment. Aisha went through 23 different accounts in 10 months’ time on twitter?
On an automated/bot level that can be made in no time at all and no need for a human to do it. Using humans to do the same, you could make that amount in a day and I know pedophiles do. They love networks. Using them, making them with others and making their own with endless social media accounts and emails.

Going over twitter’s alleged censorship and deletion of Dragon’s den accounts. Any evidence or proof of this would be very useful, I know its hard to obtain but it would very helpful in getting Twitter held accountable for their standards of moderation & referral of CSE content.

“Twitter is not a nice place”. Indeed it isn’t for the most part. It’s lucky that I have been able to meet interesting groups, make friends and see breaking news as it happens during my couple of years using Twitter. That’s fairly decent but the rest of it is full of p3dophiles & pedophilia & the NOMAP,MAP and VIRPED shit, arguing, ranting and just people being shit.

Very good of Roxcella to ask such an honest question

And good on Aisha for responding truthfully too.

You are not the only people who can speak for the people (children included) that can’t speak for themselves.
“You take the voice away from the most vulnerable of all of us”.
This requires discussion. Looking at this comment alongside what social media has done for children (given them a voice?) we can say that children in situations of online interaction should not be in that situation in the first place.

“If everybody understood that this is primarily about the children”
More discussion on this too. For me it's distressing to see a survivor take this on as a primary focus of their lives. Undoubtedly it is the most important reason to be involved in OPs such as these but it should not be a cross to bear by her or those like us who are trying to stop child abuse online.

A primary focus needs tangential purposes alongside it. One I am passionate about is accountability.

I focus on holding those accountable for online child safety from those who:

  • profit off of it,
  • who provide the arena for it to happen and flourish,
  • directly or not, facilitate in the exploitation occurring on their platforms
  • are implicit in holding any knowledge of this from the world and in turn, withheld information that could have prevented crimes that have been a blight to many people’s and child victims’ lives.

It’s not our jobs to do their jobs and do they even know how to do their jobs? Are they able or willing to make online child safety a priority to preserve whatever reputation these online piles of garbage still have?
I seek to expose the exploitation occurring and spread awareness of how it occurs, why it continues to occur and what can be done to stop it.
It’s not my job to hunt pedos within the confines of a social media platform that they exist on. And it sux to think that even if reporting and flagging pedos to the social media platform’s Trust and Safety team, it may not get any outcome beyond just the offending content getting deleted.

Did it get referred to law enforcement? Did anything go beyond the internal trust and safety procedures to have crime properly investigated?
Did it prevent the offending pedo from just making another account immediately?

Or ran by those who use it as blackmail or a way to entrap and control.

“and every organisation that we have in this country to protect the children does not protect the children”.
It’s hard to believe that it could be every organisation but through my own experiences I don’t know offhand of any that are completely legitimate or as effective as they portray themselves to be. All the claims such NGOs make haven’t been verified when I’ve looked deeper into it.
So I agree, it’s a terribly shitty situation to be in with all the child protection NGOs in the world existing and still there’s a need for other groups like the many #OPs around today. These #Ops and online groups are trying to make a difference because it doesn’t seem like existing NGO’s (government or not) are doing the job properly, nor social media companies.
Regardless of having an opinion of their effectiveness, very little data exists regarding these orgs and if it does, it’s not easy to find. You can find plenty of press kits, social media accounts, mainstream media coverage and the like but not much on statistics.
Collecting such statistics on effectiveness would ensure that accountability for their activities is obtainable.

And you have to ask, “Why wouldn’t the NGOs be putting their collected statistics on their front page if they were effective?” Some do and it tends to be amusing when they do. Like they are convincing us to try selling us a product.

So can I/ Made it an additional procedure in any reporting I do. It’s data that is not being readily collected as standard procedure elsewhere (as far as we are made aware by using any social media platform) so it is valuable data and it will be very useful in trying to look at the macro impact of what we do.

“Its become taboo and nobody wants to look at it”.
Totally correct. I’d go a bit further and say nobody wants to look at it until the right combination of Youtubers and E-shillebs run with the story as part of the outrage-of-the-week news cycle that dominates. These outrage-of-the-week news cycles are leveraged by those with an additional incentive and they make content on the outrage for clicks n likes.
I’ve approached news media orgs, child protection orgs, government departments and social media company Trust and Safety teams frequently yet they all suffer the same problem. What could be just some simple form of communicating becomes a stonewalling with any official response being muted or empty of actual information. Mainstream media will undoubtedly pick up the stories from the outrage-of-the-week when its most profitable to do so.

“It’s a distraction” All media, all political and all financial systems distract us to stop us working on parallel paths, together or not.

You can have a break, you are allowed to rest. They can stop you, especially if you run yourself ragged or go too deep into the abyss.

Not so sure it is all getting worse. What is “it”? Online child enticement? Grooming of a Minor? Automated distribution of Child sexual exploitation material?
With Twitter I have found response time to any CSE reports lodged on Twitter to be prompter than they previously were. They have also done an exemplary job on how the auto-reply email is worded along with the helpful information provided within it.
But ignorance is getting worse and so is complacency. Pedos are getting smarter too.

Rates of recidivism amongst pedophiles reoffending are on an increasing sliding scale. The younger the child victim and the more heinous the abuse, the far greater increase % chance of reoffending (something like +90%)

Das rite. At least now USA has passed the AAVA bill which gives a far greater impact with the prosecution of child pornography crimes as well as awarding a proportionate restitution to the child victims from the pedophile’s own assets.

Pretty sure he scurried all over my twitter and the tweet that had my article on MAPs seeking normalisation on platforms such as Medium and Twitter. This pedo gloated proudly of his perversion and the crimes he committed. Made me sick at the time and even thinking about this now after a year or so ago, I feel sick.

Ah but they do exactly that. Especially if they can get away with it and especially if they know it causes their haters to get especially upset. It gives them massive satisfaction to upset those who want to stop them in any way possible. They love inciting extreme emotional reactions to their haters as it’s a smarmy way of them to boast at how they are unstoppable.

It’s part of their agenda to insert the P into the alphabet of identity-driven sexualities.

“That is not curing pedophilia. If you are ashamed and you are cured, then you do not come out and say I’m a pedosexual and I’m proud of it”.
Extremely valid point. Conversely, when they do come out and bare their putrid souls so publicly it makes them easier to watch and stop them from ruining other children’s lives online.

“Bye Bye”
Twitter has a pretty strong set of rules for users and new accounts when it comes to tracking their origin. I have no idea whether this helps with stopping the permanent removal of the same p3dos who will just reappear under new accounts.

Very good to see the pro-pedo propaganda being addressed. It needs to be exposed and the public needs to know intimately what a danger it presents.

“Explain a day as a Pedohunter”
Stressful and graphic. Take care of yourself first and foremost. What does it really mean to call yourself a pedohunter?
Is it worth the end result? Is it worth the tears and constant exposure to evil?
“We will go out and try to find the most atrocious child porn you can find and try to get Jack (Twitter CEO) to shut it down” OK this is what is my main issue. This is not your job or your dragons to do and why on earth would one try to fulfil the function that someone who works for Twitter should be doing? Just because Twitter or whatever social media platform doesn’t enforce online child safety standards isn’t an acceptable reason for anyone with good intentions to sacrifice their time and sanity. There are recent legal cases involving Facebook and Microsoft as employers who did not care for their employees who worked in trust and safety. A lot are suing their previous employers for the PTSD caused by the illegal and obscene content they were exposed to every hour as their job.

This is not healthy, it’s dangerous. Operations such as #OPpedohunt assist to some degree social media giants shirk their responsibility to their users, their staff, a government’s laws and the public at large.
And that is what really, really pisses me off. I have foregone such a spiralling into the depths of online depravity & child exploitation for what I consider to be a greater purpose.
I don’t want to experience such depravity firsthand when you are consistently using the platform’s reporting tools to fight CSE and CP. I also don’t know the effectiveness of this, whether I make 100 reports or 10,000, the core problems are not addressed.

I think that focusing on online child safety and making tech giants accountable for their neglect is far more achievable. Who knows how much responsibility and how neglectful of the dangers on their platforms these social media giants are?
I don’t but I’m sure they do. I’d love to know, I’m sure US Congress would too. I’m sure the whole world would love to know that. I’m sure we will find out.

100% on the same page. With everything else said and done, you saying this has given me the purpose for doing this article. Youtube is far far far far worse by the way for online child sexual exploitation, grooming and sextortion. It’s fucking evil. I do acknowledge that twitter was more a place for distribution and the publication of CP in the past though.

“My kids are not on the internet”. Awesome. Good job mum.

“do they (parents) even stop to think that they (pedos) know where your kid goes to school?”
The ease of doxing a teenager or young child on the internet is extremely shocking. Several instances of child victims being targeted, groomed and sextortioned into producing CP content for the pedogang which targeted them exists. Some of these child victims were doxed to the extent that the gang knew all family names and their school. This personal information was used as a ball and chain to shackle the children into online sexual servitude, out of fear that their exploitation would be exposed to embarrass them.

“They don’t think about that. They’re kids”.
Neither do the parents or guardians. They are utterly shocked when they find out.
It’s not even about having to know how sick the pedos are. It’s also knowing that all these social media platforms completely ignore the risks for their users or do not treat it as a priority. It’s how some platforms almost appear to cater to pedo rings from how little they do to stop them or keep child users safe online.
Imagine if youtube sent an email to every parent of a child on their platform warning them. Imagine if they put a PSA or made an awareness video on their home page which played automatically when you visited the site. Imagine how much harm that could prevent compared to going after the cancerous plague of pedos on any major social media site. Imagine how much worse it would be if there were no groups trying to address this, via Pedohunting or otherwise.

It is atrocious that children who go online are being exposed to such dangers, groomed because they are easy to groom by a co-ordinated gang of pedophiles.

Don’t give in and get so angry. Easy for me to say, I know. Anger wears you down and can render good intentions less effective. I try to focus my anger and I try to keep calm. It’s exactly like you said, the general public and people in your life will not know until it happens to them. Problem is they needed to know years ago.

AGREE!!!!!!! It is what happens. Look at Desmond is Amazing and #dragkids for a perfect analogy of what you said.

Why do pedohunting for free? Or even for payment? I would only do it in such terms as an occupation or job if it got tangible results. For me there is no worse feeling of helplessness than putting heart and soul into this and not having a conclusion provided or knowing whether you helped at all.
That’s what causes me a crisis of consciousness. Am I helping by doing this? Social media giants don’t let us know whether their site is getting safer because of proactive operations like yours. It’s up to our own observations to deduce our own impact.

Needs a smarter approach. You can’t put yourself into the firing line every single day and just use the tools on the platform to try to stop CP and CSE on that platform. There is far more that can be done separately or concurrently to this. I’d go as far as to say for any lasting difference to be made, you must fork out of the original operation’s goal and think laterally around it.

This is a very difficult thing to do. There are issues to face without any precedent in the past and not even the CEOs of such companies know what the best option would be to take right now.

Stay sharp and fortified mentally. It is very upsetting to see this and the reason I say that is because I know that the pedos would be jerking off over your tears. They love seeing shit like this from their “haters”. It’s what they boast about and feel smug about. Don’t give it to them. The MAPs and Pedos will use you to gratify themselves further. Give them nothing they want.

“It’s takes a strong kind of person to look at the things we do every day”
I’d add to that and say “it takes an even stronger person to do this every day and have no way of knowing what they do is effective and to what measurement. This is unacceptable and this cannot be how the future will look to us.

A terrible state of affairs: teetering on the brink of complete despondence and self-destruction awaits if this is the future.

It’s not up to Jack. Tweeting @Jack is likely to get your account suspended lol.
Outside of Jack, I think the next largest shareholder of twitter is a Saudi prince from their Royal Family? Is it up to this Saudi prince too?
It’s up to the government, it’s up to the social media platform, it’s up to the existing laws to be rewritten for our timeline and then enforced. The problems & crimes have evolved faster than the laws’ ability to prosecute them. Who will catch up first?

MAP visibility is not that new. In this online space and era of global connectivity, it is fairly new however. Grassroots movements for pro-pedo causes have been around online since at least 2015. There is a plan to normalise it. There is an agenda being driven and there is a lot of them wanting to add MAP, Virped and NOMAP into the lexicon of common terminology as they believe this will place pedophilia in society as an acceptable characteristic/mental illness.

I can provide information on the MAP movement and a recent timeline of where it came from to get to where it is today.

Here is a good start: - After the Fall: A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying Pedophobia in the 21st Century.


That’s it for now. I’m too worn out to continue writing on this topic further. I think it is better to wrap it up, get it out there and move on.

As there so much to do so with so little time and sanity remaining to do it with.

Stay well, be strong and get stronger.

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