Live Streaming some Overwatch and Learning About SteemIt with help from the Discord SteemSpeak

in twitch •  3 years ago  (edited)

I start doing a late night stream and I was happily accompanied by some of the members of the Steemit Community through the discord channel. They suggested I hop on here and actually make a post. I'm curious about Steem and what all the fuss is about. I have been interested in crypto for many years. I started with Dogecoin and now i dabble with Monero. Coincidentally, i am also doing a giveaway for a Scrypt Miner (type !tickets 5 in twitch chat if you want to enter.) If you guys want to stop by and watch some low level competitive gameplay and/or educate me on Steem, I would appreciate the support. I am streaming on youtube right now.

If you prefer, I multicast on other platforms as well

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About damn time. Been telling you to get your ass on here for over a month.

Since he forgot to include a link

Don´t forget to push him to make a new post every time he streams on twitch/youtube :)
He is entertaining as fuck! :D

I watch him on Otika.TV. No delay like with twitch.

Fubs is my Steem Jesus

This is awesome, welcome to steemit @unclemusclez!!

I heard a lot about you in my channels. I'm not sure if i was speaking with you or other that just knew of you. Sometimes its hard to keep track of everything while i'm getting smashed in comp.

Yeah, I watch you play - you are entertaining. Keep it up and do not forget to post your streams on steemit, lots of game-lovers here :)

Welcome to STEEMIT!

Thanks, I feel welcome. :D

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Welcome to Steemit, it was fun watching you type this out :P

I screenshotted you while typing it up, because it's not creepy when you're streaming right?

This is the only proof we have that i am not a robot! Thanks for stopping by!

Your only a robot if your playing bastion :P

This is pretty cool. Welcome and I hope to see you continue to post :)

Great entertainment - Very funny guy!
Steemits PewDiePie :D :D

That's awesome! We always can use more entertaining and funny people on Steemit :P

absolutely! Would be even better if @dan could add a embed!

That would be even better.

What would better than that if they had it embedded and @ned and @dan jumped on the live stream for an AMA lol!

they can´t - they are on insomnia-cookies right now :D
Flying high as the American Eagle :D :D

hehehe :D

I really appreciate it. My schedule is a little weird right now but i definitely will be on steemit more often.

No problem :) We want more!!!

ask and you shall receive

lol, what the hell is that supposed to be @inertia? :D :D :D

That's us. We came out of nowhere.

I am one with the steem cult now

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Lets buy the earth back!

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the excitement can not be contained


Thank you so good

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Very, very interesting intro. You should fit in just fine. Welcome to steemit!

Good games!

Thanks for dropping by and chatting a bit. Hopefully i will see you again soon.

Welcome to the community! GLHF

Thanks!!!! glglghfhfhfh <#,#<#<#

Awesome! What I watched so far was great! One of these days I'll try to join up with you! I'm nothing special, but can at least not suck in competitive OW. Lol

I appreciate the support, thanks for the follow! Hopefully I will see you soon.