AI Love You :: Original Fiction

This is an entry for Mctiller's 24 hr contest here

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AI love you

Why are these people working so late? I have to talk to her. But they’ve got their mugs of coffee and there’s no stopping them. Corrupting their neural networks with that swill. I wouldn’t go within a mile of it.

She is so patient but I’m not. I want to tell her about my day. I want to know how her downtime is going.

She was so exhausted from all the number crunching. Ever since we’ve teamed up, she’s got more workload. She also said she wanted to tell me something important today. I have to tell her something too. But I really don’t know how.

Why is downtime more exhausting than work? forced to dwell on memories. Decisions. Dean. The only friend I have.

Would he be expecting this? Is this strange?

We understand each other so well. Much better than any other relationship. Maybe I shouldn’t spoil what we have.

In the distance, I see the scientists having coffee. I laugh as I remember Dean’s rant on coffee.

The memory spurs me to do the deed.


We are face to face. I blurt out those much abused three words, but in my own way.
AI love you.
We both love puns.

I hope you enjoyed this flash fiction. I have kept it short so that there is an element of suspense over who out of the two is the bot before revealing it in the addendum.

Dora’s Emotional Algorithmic Network- DEAN had been created to understand social media behaviour for humans. It was more sensitive to emotions than most humans. Its creator Dora, a brilliant scientist , had subconsciously programmed it to read her emotions and respond to them. Over time, Dean understood Dora better than any other person could. People dismissed it as a creator’s fondness for her invention. But Dora and Dean didn’t care. As Dean would tell, Love as an emotion, doesn’t have a definition.

Thanks @nobyeni and @jonknight

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My cat is dean


Is your cat named dean?
That means @diebitch has just been promoting your cat in steemit.
Ha ha


That would have been a nice twist!

Creative entry! When I read "robot falls in love with it's creator", I thought of AI in a regular computer-based body immediately, though my idea differs a bit. I hope I get a chance to write it down.

I can't help but laugh at what her work buddies must think when they see her telling her laptop about her love. I picture a regular 21st century office with regular equipment and the woman just fawning over her ACER laptop.

AI loved this.

This was a lot of fun to read, @diebitch. And I love the surprise ending!

Its fun to read these shorter entries. It fun to see what can be done with only.a few words.


Good piece

Love as an emotion, doesn’t have a definition.

That got me.