Taste of Freedom

in twbwritingcontest •  4 months ago

The gate opened, standing as a free man once again.Puffing on a cigarette, he savored the smoke like a drug, still not believing he'd ended up here. A simple misunderstanding, he called it that, the authorities called it something else, and had locked him away for 9 months.


The morning rays of sunshine were making him squint, yet a welcome change. The drugs, it always came back to them, he'd been fighting addiction a long time, sometimes winning,sometimes not, this time would be different, he knew it, and felt it, he had her now,finally a worthwhile reason!

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Nice story, @skiponline! I like how you layered multiple types of challenges in this short piece, showing complexity of character. I would recommend some editorial work on your story to improve punctuation, but I like your story’s premise very much.


thank you, and it was nice of to to stop by, always appreciated!