Defiance - A Rewrite for the TWB 100 words writing contest.

in #twbwritingcontest4 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone! Here is my entry for phase two of the 100 words contest hosted by @thewritersblock.

I also want to thank @ellievallie for her help in editing this story.



A bead of sweat tickled her hairline as she strained her muscles in anticipation of the pain.

"Is that your final answer?"


With that statement, she sealed her fate.

Her clothes were torn off her back to prepare her for the treatment. She stood naked, unashamed and defiant in the face of death.

Excruciating pain followed as she was plunged headfirst into the tube. The cold liquid ate her flesh without marring it. She became deaf and blind to all but the pain.

Her lungs craved oxygen but found none.

Slowly she drifted off, taking the secret with her.


You have a real talent, and I look forward to seeing it blossom!


My heart sings with your compliment. Thank you!

Nice work, @cheekah! This is very powerful. I hope you two had fun together working on the rewrite!

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