TWBBookClub Evaluation March: Something New by P.G. Wodehouse

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As writers, we love to read. But how do you learn from reading as writers? That’s the question we’re exploring in the Book Club at @thewritersblock.

In March we read ‘Something New’ by P.G. Wodehouse (see the reasons why in this post published at the beginning of March 2018).

Here are some responses by members who are involved


@anikekirsten wrote a post about decyphering the message of social critique in ‘Something New’.

When I started reading Something New, I was tempted to put it down and not bother with it, until I got past the first chapter and started seeing connections building to something. The dry humour within, right from the start, kept me into it and eventually got me sucked in fully. Sometimes the critique the humour delivers is sharp and quick, while a lot of it is subtle and deep. This is, of course, something I thoroughly enjoy in any literature. The humour and its critique led me to the topic I covered in my review of Something New--how writers can deliver critique within their work without repelling the reader. P.G Wodehouse does this well, using humour to mask it and let it sink in.

I'm amazed at how Wodehouse pulled off the devices in Something New, and how he breaks so many writing 'rules' we have today. Yet, he was able to pull it off so well. He understood the craft and the reader, and used that understanding to sculpt with. I discussed some of these 'broken rules' in The Writers' Block Discord server with members, quoting parts to show it. The reception was both admiration and entertainment. The topic led to analysing the rules and the intent of the rules--to master them before attempting to break them so the writer can break them with excellence that the reader expects. Wodehouse shows this intent well in Something New.


Something New by P. G. Wodehouse is a literature treasure. A hidden gem that contains all the ingredients of a masterpiece. I was impressed by the use of timing techniques and the space left for the reader to make conclusions himself.

A find the plot similar to what I saw in Love Actually, the movie. A slow beginning that describes the everyday life of a couple of characters and then a sequence of chapters that lead the reader to the culmination. I’m currently in the middle of the suspense part and I’m impatient to read what follows. Unfortunately time was not enough to finish that fantastic English comic novel on time.

I should check if it’s translated in my native language. If it’s not, I spot an interesting side project opportunity to organize the publication of the book possibly for the summer of 2019 or 2020, if this is God’s will.

Thank you -- the team behind @thewritersblock for sharing the book and for creating the Reader’s Club that motivated me to start reading the book. I could skip the April’s round and finish it.


@nobyeni wrote a post reflecting on the book and the question of what makes a good book?.

This is a book I truly loved and hated at the same time. Wodehouse makes it seem so simple, some characters who get mixed up and end up in unimaginable problems. Well, some you can see coming, but that makes the impact of that sudden, simple but brilliant move extra extra-ordinary.

But I also hated the book, because it made me realise that even with a plot-based book, with simple elements and a straight-enough approach, you can really write something brilliant. If you can write. So much to learn still, but fortunately, so many books still to learn from.

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It was a great experience again, thanks for everyone involved & thinking along about this interesting book. And thanks @diebitch for recommending it. Looking forward to the next month already!


Ditto! I wish I got in with last month's as well. Will definitely be doing every month as possible. Love this Book Club.

Hm.. not that much fellows expressed their opinions in that kind of post resuming the book of the month this time. I thought I would be making company of at least five more readers.