Music & TV Way Back Challenges (Day 6 for TWB)

For TWB?

Yes TWB. @thewritersblock. This is day 6 of a seven day challenge to help @gmuxx pay back his loan to get over here from Europe. I am sending all the liquid SBD proceeds from all 7 posts of this challenge to The Writer's Block. I want to meet you too man, and I will, so this is my way of saying thanks for making the sacrifice to come out. I know it can't be easy, I've done my fair share of traveling abroad and expect it will be commonplace again soon enough. See you soon!

Wayyyy Back

This is day six of both my #tvshowwaybackchallenge (initiated by @saffisara) and the #musicwaybackchallenge (started by @greek-trail). Since Sara tagged me for both of these (thanks hun), and I promised I would do them, I am making them both in the same post(s). So, here we go!

The Music

Number 6. No Album spoke more to me than this one. It was the first time that Hip Hop made an impact on my life and I absorbed the culture like no other. Sure, I listened to 2Pac and NWA and all that, but to to me, none of those carried a weight of intelligence. It was good music, that isn't in question, just didn't reach me on the level I needed it to. When this album came out, is when I got one of my long standing nicknames. It spoke to me, through me and as me. And they still do. It's when people started calling me X40L1N - Shaolin. When I started testing my own skills as a 'rapper', because this, this is what I was waiting for. I was waiting to "Enter the 36 Chambers" - by Wu-Tang Clan.


The Lyrics:

They are quite graphic, it would be best if you simply listened :)


The Boob Tube

It was a while before any other shows or movies really said anything to me until about the turn of the century and millennium. There was a show that came out that really got me thinking and started me back on the 'what if' path. One that encouraged me to once again 'question everything'. Where I went down the proverbial rabbit hole and never looked back to this day. Where I entered - "The Matrix".

You can join either of these challenges too by following the rules/guidelines:

  1. ➿ Choose one song or television show from any point in your youth.

  2. ➿ Write a few words about when & where you heard the song or watched the show for the first time, what it means to you, and/or why it holds a spot in your memories.

  3. ➿ Try to write your text while listening to the song or watching an episode. As soon as it ends, wrap up what you where writing and submit it.

  4. ➿ Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated.

  5. ➿ Mention one person who should do this on each day.

  6. ➿ Tag it with #musicwaybackchallenge or #tvshowwaybackchallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post.

You're Tagged!

Since this is two challenges, I'm tagging two people. You can do both or pick one, but I hope you participate. Let's see, let's see, let's see... I'm going to nominate @sharoonyasir and @edthecanadian. See if they will be willing participants :P


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I would like to contribute my grain of sand so that our friend @thewritersblock, free its ills. Is what it feels like to be in trouble and by the economic situation of our country. I would like to be able to travel to another country is my dream. Really you are a great person @enginewitty, it is amazing what you are doing and all the briñas support to our community. I thank steemit for giving me the opportunity to meet you. I hope you're well, and may God bless you always.


Thank you for the earnest sentiment. I really appreciate it :)

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Another challenge! Ugh. Just need to find some of those 25 hour days.


Right? I got tagged and put them off a week before finally getting to it, so no rush my man ;)

Thanks for this Post, my man, Sorry and no offense but I went to The Matrix back in 99' and walked out of it halfway through. Just not my thing. I would have rather watched paint dry lol
My best friend loved it and stayed while I ended up going to Hooters and eating wings. Much more staisfying ;)

Incidentally, I did see Blank Panther today at $1 theater with my daughter .She dragged me there as Marvel and super hero stuff , as well silly unrealistic action movies bore the sh@t out of me. But got to admit I was surprised as it was pretty good with some good writing and decent character development.


You the second person now saying it was good. Think it might have been @ancapbarbie or I forget who but they said it was good too.


Wasn't me. I've yet to see Black Panther. @benfranz liked it a lot but I'm starting to get burned out on Disney/Marvel Studios "formula".