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I've been Netflixing for a while now, and, in the interest of giving you a fair picture of Netflix as a whole, I have tried to keep my body of reviews as eclectic as possible. Meaning that I try to watch a variety of what's on offer.

A cursory look at my review history will reveal all the genres I've touched since I began in 2016, including:

  • Sitcoms
  • Dramas
  • Movies
  • TV Movies
  • Anime
  • Foreign Films
  • Classic Films
  • Silent Films
  • Musicals
  • Oscar Winners
  • Experimental Comedies
  • Adult Animation
  • Children's Animation
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Netflix Exclusives
  • Obscure Movies
  • 80s Movies
  • Nature Documentaries
  • And whatever Twin Peaks was supposed to be.
And yet there is one category conspicuously missing from that list. And its omission has not been entirely accidental.

I am, of course, talking about stand-up comedy specials.

Netflix has a ton of them. It's one of their most populated genres. They host a number of specials that were once seen on broadcast television, as well as a few originals and exclusives. I have known this almost since I first began subscribing to the service, yet so far I have reviewed none of them.

And not for lack of trying. More than once I resolved to find a good stand-up routine amongst the crowd. But, time and again, I was disappointed.

I hate to admit it, but most of the stand-up on Netflix is garbage.

And not the kind that will fight for you.

I found most shows to be unbearable, and didn't finish any of them. I was confronted by disappointment after disappointment. For a time, it seemed like this would be one type of show I simply wouldn't review.

What Changed my Mind

The first real experience I had with John Mulvaney was earlier this year, when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

His opening monologue for the show was taken directly from his stand-up routine. His performance in the skits was also above average, but the opening monologue was an absolute killer.

And as part of his monologue, he explained that he used to be a writer for the show. And once I realized that, everything clicked, and I understood why his stand-up was so good.

John Mulaney is a comedy writer. His delivery is certainly spectacular, but his jokes are already funny on paper before they ever come out of his mouth. Unlike a lot of other comedians, he doesn't depend on wacky catchphrases or acting like an idiot. His comedy is smart and well drafted, like a sophisticated edifice built from a meticulously crafted blueprint.

There is an art and a finesse to his approach, and it puts him in a league above the normal comic fodder one finds on Netflix. Granted, unconstrained zaniness can be funny. The late Robin Williams used it to great effect in his stand-up routines. But not everyone can be Robin Williams. And just because he made it look easy doesn't mean that anyone can do it or should even try.

That Mulaney does not try, but instead grounds his funny in a calmer, more calculated method, is how he sets himself apart. He is more than just a comic---he is a storyteller. And stories require a structured beginning, middle, and end. As one of the great comedy stucturists, John Mulaney deserves to be watched.

The Comeback Kid Special

Mr. Mulaney has several specials on offer for Netflix subscribers. The Comeback Kid was the first I watched (though it will not be the last).

Naturally, I can't tell you a lot about it. Spoiling jokes in a comedy routine is an even greater sin than spoiling plot points in a movie, because jokes are all that a comedy routine has. And nothing takes the wind out of a joke's sails more than undercutting its element of surprise.

So while I dare not reproduce any of the zingers here in this post, I can tell you that the special covers a number of topics, from marriage to babies to Catholicism and even former president Bill Clinton. It's all delivered in Mulaney's laid back style that doesn't require a lot of movement or props. He simply holds your attention with his eyes while speaking of ridiculous but true events, and occasionally takes on a vocal affectation as he relates them.

It's not always clean, but I wouldn't hesitate to show this special to teenagers as young as ten (yes, you heard me right). On the whole, the show, and John Mulaney himself, are quite approachable, and I got sucked in long enough to make it through the whole special without even thinking about bailing out.

My Judgment

John Mulaney is the best stand-up comedian on Netflix, and possibly the only good one (though the search continues).

The Comeback Kid is a fine example of his work, and would be a particularly good watch on a bad day, when you need something to pick you up. I recommend it to all Netflix subscribers and encourage the platform to keep putting out Mr. Mulaney's shows.

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    Actually I didn't watch this coz some language barriers! Sometimes it's hard to understand the joke which is hidden while watching them! Anyway, I think I will give a try! Hope it might work well! Thank you very much for sharing this great review!


      ·  last year (edited)

    Hello @talanhorne
    Nice insight on John Mulaney, the comeback kid, really got more knowledge on it, will try watching it though:)
    Thank you for sharing at this hour, you really made a good call boss:)
    Great job!!

    I didn't know this serie but based in your review i would like tho watch it, so i have netflix and i paid for it :). Regards

    Very inspiring once enjoy you describe.

    I think, is broadcasts remarkable that is not regardless of moral values.

      ·  last year (edited)

    Since I don’t watch stand-up comedy specials on Netflix I wouldn’t know there is not that much to be excited about out there. There is few times I actually watched stand-up comedy specials and sometimes it was quite entertaining. Great to hear there is someone keeping you entertained. Someone like Mr. Mulaney The Comeback Kid Special!

      ·  last year (edited)

    @talanhorne, Excellent review of John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid. That's nice funniest movie in Netflix series. I looked some interesting places to me intermediate level in the story. Thanks for effort.

    I hate to admit it, but most of the stand-up on Netflix is garbage.

    lol I like your honesty!
    The most successful comedy writers or even comedians are natural comedy writers. They just have to have it in them. Otherwise it all becomes a Garbage. John Mulaney is obviously one of them.

    Actually John Mulaney act various character. Sometimes he would be funniest character. But still whole story has funny looks. I prefer to watch mixing story. Thanks to spending valuable time for us.

    Well explained about these comedy series of the Netflix movies. Of course, I have big passion to watch this movie. Your summery increase my passion. Nice one @talanhorne.

    Congratulations @talanhorne
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    Exceptional TV Series review & good article...!!!

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    Great review on John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid. You are such an amazing writer sir.
    I appreciate your efforts.
    Valuable post.
    I didn't watch this TV Series but after reading your post, I have decided to watch this movie with my friends on Friday. ☺💚

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    Have a wonderful day! 💕

    Another winderful and interesting film review by @talanhorne sir....
    Mulaney’s closing bit is about meeting Bill Clinton at the age of 10. The title of the special refers to Clinton, yet it is impossible to separate Mulaney’s return to touring from the former president’s nickname.

    He comes across as even more confident in his comedy than ever before. He calls out a person in the audience for texting and then segues right into a bit about Cirque Du Soleil and how he hates how they call people out of the audience. He sounds out of breath during bits where the story is building, but is perfectly controlled in his deadpan tag lines.

    Even his pacing on the stage seems to match the rhythm of his stories. It’s obvious that everything in this special has been planned, yet it never feels overworked. “John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid” highlights Mulaney’s strengths and talents as a writer and comedian.

    Even though he never left, I am so glad he’s back.
    Smart work sir...

    Greet review of John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid.I like this amazing collection.Thanks for sharing with us

    undoubtedly netflix has the best programming John Mulvaney is not one of my favorite programs but sometimes I see it.
    I have reviewed your blog and I see that you are a netflix lover just like me .. lol

    Smart work again by @talanhorne sir....
    Actualy I'm really like ur film review...u have uncommon ideas and wonderful eye....
    I'm always try watch movies in my free time...specialy comedy flims....
    Wel done and perfect work sir...

    @talanhorne sir...
    I found interesting your judgment because you touch key points of this show and i say that because sincerely i didn't know this show but after read your post i have a whole idea. Thanks u soo much sharing this reivew post...
    Nicely done my dear friend....
    Happy steeming...

    That is valuable and great post. very good Netflixing movies and good tv series .
    Great writing this blog.
    Have a Great day.

    nice tv show i like this amazing collection..

    Hello @talanhorne, I do not want to lie to you, I do not have netflix, but I thank you for sharing with people who know this actor and his performances :)

    I agree with you, you have done a great job analyzing all the films during this time. You have saved our time, giving reviews for each film. Thank you very much.

    Very beautiful netflix comedy life tv post to you for thank you very much, and post a lot like and like post vote and comments and post share, I like this post a total of all see and this post to everyone can vote

    A wonderful review, my friend and John Mulaney show always remain very exciting, which always pleases me! Thank you @talanhorne

    When I get depressed I watch john mulaney. It is pretty hilarious. 😂

    it is wonderful. you are awesome @talanhorne

    😂 Fabulous post sir. I like to watch Netflix movies in my spare time with my little sister. This is an amazing movie. I will definitely watch this movie.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Hello @talanhorne,

    Extraordinary good review of the TV program 'The Comeback Kid'.


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    John Mulaney is the best stand-up comedian on Netflix, and possibly the only good one (though the search continues).

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    Excellent writing of the review of The Comeback Kid. He made everything happening by using his eyes. I agree with that

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