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in #tv6 years ago (edited)

From a once upon fan ..

End this trauma ..

How many more times do you want to see this face, while eating your momma's spagetti?

Is the weekly mindf***ing shock and dismay really worth it ..especially when it has becone so obvious that they aren't spending any money on the episodes?

It's all just yack yack ..some smoke ..running ..yack yack ..someone gets shot and then the kid suddenly ends up bitten ..


Yep .. time to go.

Those junkyard freaks were the last straw for me .. how many double-crosses have they pulled now .. 3 !? lol ..

Lol, right... I have been over this show 📺 for awhile, it was good, but its dried up and glad they at least started a fresh one with new characters and whatnot with fear the walking dead. But this west coast version is cool and all, which is some what of a relief having new stories and such going on, but still its just ok. @steembriefing

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And that fucking CGI tiger/kingdom crap is just too hard to take.

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