The Gifted Season 2 – Episode 10 Spoiler Free Review

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Best episode of the season and probably the show by far. Not because the action was amazing, but because the script is actually good – meaning the plot is great in this episode and also promises more great episodes. So many new mysteries that would have been great even if the show was not about mutants. I don't want to give anything away, but the ending of the episode left me with my mouth hanging open, so many twists and turns and back stabbings. This makes me feel sad that the show will probably not be renewed because of the Fox acquisition by Disney.

Also, now I found a character that I dislike more than Kate Strucker, the eternally worried mother, Jace Turner. How many turns from good guy to bad guy can a character take? Come on. It doesn't last too long no matter what, so I am not betting on him to stay in the same set of mind for long.

My favorite character by far was Blink. Talk about adapting. She is with the Underground even though she is not 100% in agreement with them, and her position with the Morlocks (am I the only one who thinks about H. G. Wells' The Time Machine every time I hear that name) is also special. She fits in wherever she goes. Her personality is also unique, a special sense of humor that the show is lacking.

Polaris is really annoying as well. What did she think was going to happen when she joined the Inner Circle? Like really? Butterflies, cakes and awesome fights? Technically nothing has changed, just her mind set that changes every other day.

Whatever game Reeva is playing at, I am loving it. I didn't like the character or her plans, but now, in one minute she became super interesting and intelligent. Her plan is bigger and more sophisticated than the one I gave her credit for.

Still, I feel that mystery surrounding the Von Strucker family is the one that is going to move the plot forward. Look at what has become of Lauren – I can barely recognize her personality at this point. We can say the same thing for Andy as well.

It was a great episode which builds anticipation for what is to come.

I give it 8.5/10

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