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We decided to give this TV show a go last night and there is a good reason why!

My father is fighting cancer and is currently using cannabis oil, along with chemo, radiation and every supplement and diet change under the sun!

This show follows a little store in the US who is supplying medicinal cannabis to registered users in California. The show does suit both users and non-users of cannabis, and hence there are a few scenes and parts in the show that sort of resemble the trances that the fellow in the movie SPUN experiences in much harder drugs.

Disjointed is funny and it is witty. The security guard who sits at the front of the shop is extremely funny, once you get to know him a little.

There is really not too much I can add at this point other than we are 3 episodes into this brand new release, and we have found our self both laughing and at times going huh was that a joke? Lol

I feel this show is very lighthearted, much like Seinfeld with a twist. Similar in that the shows and episodes really are pretty much about nothing, but somehow it is funny, give it a go!


Havent seen that one yet, added to my list. Very easy theese days with netflix.
sorry about your father, best wishes.

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