The Ranch (Netflix series): I really want to like this but so far...

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So far it is just like every other sitcom, except this one has something a little different in that it is a direct handout from Ashton Kutcher to Danny Masterson. I always appreciate it when pals look out for each other because that is what bros are supposed to do.


So the story is that Colt Bennet (Ashton) returns home as a brief stayover with his dad, Beau (Sam Elliot) and his brother Jameson (Masterson.) I starts out as him being there just for a bit as he has a tryout with a semi-professional football team (of the American variety... the backstory is that he was a Florida State championship quarterback) and well, the family dynamic isn't exactly wonderful because Colt (Ashton) and Beau (Sam Elliot) do not get along.


I really want this series to work because as a crypto guy I want to support any celebrity that has ever come out and directly supported the use of crypto. Ashton Kutcher has done that on multiple different occasions. I don't know if he was paid to do this and to be honest with you I don't really care. Does he believe in blockchain? I dont know! But I do know that he has public ally expressed his support for it on MAJOR shows on a number of occasions and well, that can only be a good thing, right?

Another reason is that there is something about Sam Elliot that really appeals to me and most of this probably has to do with his brief role in The Big Lebowski. He's just cool.


Now why I don't think it will work is this. It really isn't that funny would be the first reason, and that is a powerful reason. They are able to throw proper swear words around like "fuck" and "shit" but to be honest when that is used it almost seems forced rather than normal dialogue. Also, the continual confrontations between Colt (Kutcher) and Beau (Sam Elliot) is the prevailing story of every episode I have watched so far. It is too predictable. Danny Masterson is just some background character that serves as a referee and even after only 3 episodes it is already starting to seem dumb.

I'm not trying to scare anyone away from this because I have only seen 3 episodes but so far between the easily predicted storyline, the canned laughter and the mere presence of Danny Masterson is not so impressive to this point. I have only even chuckled a few times but I really want this to be something and will therefore not give up hope. I will continue to watch and at least at this point, i would like to encourage you to do so also. If for no other reason than to perhaps support the only crypto-boy that I know of who has any clout in Hollywood whatsoever.

rating intentionally withheld until further data can be gathered

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I think it's a great show actually. Not the best I've ever seen, but it's easy to follow and I like the different characters. I've watched all the episodes all the way to the 6th season. I did not expect some of the things that happened though... So it felt weird, and almost like they totally destroyed the entire show with some of the things that happened.

I'd rate the show 6.5/10.


yeah, i'm gonna keep going. So far I don't really like how the cowboy accents seem so forced, especially from Kutcher.

rating intentionally withheld until further data can be gathered

9 out of 10 times this is no good sign. When the start sucks it normally this a this level or even goes down.

The canned laughter, oh that sounds pretty bad, lol!

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Oh! I thought it’s an old fashion cowboy film!? No longer see nice old cowboy films no more!

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