Top Chef All Stars LA Episode 6 Recap and Thoughts

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It feels like our chefs are really starting to deliver great food this season. The critiques are becoming fewer and the judges are really having to hone in on specific details in order to make their decisions. One missed note could be enough to send you packing.

Today started with a nice quickfire where our chefs had to use non traditional flours. No immunity on the line but a nice $5,000 bonus to the winner. No one really made a bad dish here and the only really critiques we heard were about people not using enough of the flour in their dish. Gregory ends up as the winner with some delicious looking pancakes.

Alright onto our elimination challenge. The chefs were paired up with another chef based on drawing different flavor profiles. All our chefs really delivered in this challenge and it came down which team went outside of their flavor profile in their dish. Nini and Karen end up being sent to last chance kitchen, while Melissa and Kevin are our winners.

Last chance kitchen was quite busy this week. First off I missed last weeks episode where Jen was defeated by Lisa. Then I watched Lisa face off against both Karen and Nini. After that we saw Nini face off against Karen for a spot back on the show. Karen wins and heads back into the competition but Nini will remain as the reigning champ in last chance kitchen and isn't out of it quite yet.


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