Tales From The Loop Episode 8 Recap and Thoughts

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Tales From The Loop episode eight was all about Cole. He finds out about the fate of his brother and then is set on fixing everything. Things don't really go as planned.

Cole learns that his brother is not his brother and actually trapped inside of a robot. Somehow this leads to Cole time travelling and we get to watch a montage of Loretta lose everyone she loved in her life. I did feel sad for Loretta but having to wait so long to connect any of the pieces from her story just didn't feel worth it. Cole starting out beside young Loretta and ending beside old Loretta really needed a lot more pieces in the middle to make it feel complete.

Getting almost no information about the loop or eclipse all season long felt a bit like a slap in the face. Show could have been called Tales From The Potato and we'd still know as much about what's going on.

This episode tied together a few things from the start of the season. I really wish the entire show had a story that carried over from episode to episode. With how slow each of the episodes played out it would have been nice to have something connecting them all beside them happening in the same place. I think there easily could have been enough story surrounding the main family to have an over arcing eight episode story surrounding them.

While the episode were mostly good, as a whole I think Tales From The Loop was a miss for me. I doubt I will revisit if the show gets renewed for another season. It's very unfortunate because there were some cool vibes from the early portions of the season but with each episode essentially resetting everything, the slow burn just didn't have much of a pay off.


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