Tales From The Loop Episode 6 Recap and Thoughts

in #tv4 years ago

Tales From The Loop episode 6 tells the story of Gaddis travelling to a parallel universe.

Gaddis has been a background character all season long. We've seen him as a guard at MCEP and looking lonely in general. This episode illuminates all that and tells us exactly how lonely Gaddis really is. He just wants someone in his life and has been pining over a picture of a man he never met that he carries around with him.

Gaddis then accidentally travels to a parallel universe and meets that man. Turns out the Gaddis in that universe is married to him. This only makes Gaddis desire him more and eventually the two of them hook up. Gaddis then learns that this man always does this to the other Gaddis. Original Gaddis leaves in sadness.

The episode ends with Gaddis meeting a man he met in his universe and disliked. Turns out he jumped to conclusions too quickly and they end up having much more in common than expected. Maybe a happy ending for Gaddis after all.


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