Making The Cut Episode 10 Recap and Thoughts

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I must admit I'm a bit disappointed by the ending of this show. First they sent the most unique and innovative designer home and followed that up by awarding the least unique and innovative designer $1,000,000.

I don't think this show really followed through with what they claimed their goal was for the show, this wasn't about launching the next big global fashion brand, it was about finding a solid fashion business for Amazon to pair up with.

I knew it was coming but I was crushed when Sander was the first designer sent home. You just robbed the world from seeing a complete Sander Bos collection walk down the runway. We all wanted to see that and I don't see any issue with them having a 2 part finale so that we got to see all three collections. I need to go see if Sander shared his looks anywhere.

And then after that we saw Jonny crowned as our winner. Yes he underwent a major transformation and listened to the judge but all season long we constantly heard that what he was delivering wasn't something you couldn't already buy elsewhere. The judges all seemed to like Esther's collection more and still we had 4 judges wanting to crown Jonny before the brand discussion. Naomi did change her mind to make it 3-2 but I just can't wrap my head around the judges being so blown away by Jonny. This just felt like a very disappointing ending to a very good season.


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