6 Things A Non-Fan Should Know About Game of Thrones

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Never bothered to watch or know more about the Game of Thrones (GoT) TV Series? Well then, here are the basic things you'd need to know about the popular show.


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There you have it. The top 6 for me. What do you think? Do you have your own? :D Feel free to leave a comment.


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Re 3...

Yes, some of the good guys do get killed, but a lot of the bad guys get their comeuppance too! You seem to have avoided naming names - not sure if you are avoiding spoilers - but whilst one or two villains persist, many more fall by the wayside...

Hahaha, I dunno. I guess it'd be too long if I did. Should I give it all away? :D

I think the rules of the internet are as long as you say "Spoiler alert!", you can give it all away.

So...spoiler alert!

Joffrey dies! Ramsay dies! Frey dies! Tywin dies!

This is fun!

Oh you're so bad. Hahaha.

What? there are actually people that don't watch Game of thrones? I'm sitting here at home counting down the days till my Daenerys wig comes in the mail.

Haha, I know some people who don't. :)

Ok , I guess I do too...my kids

Ahahaha. Except kids of course.

Love this AT is very insparing

Ok that's great to hear. :)

Great read. Love some of your insights into the show. I too am sitting here counting the days until the new seasons and the inevitable sad ending of the series. Look forward to more of your writing.

Oh thanks! Yeah I have two more. I just posted one of them. :D

I think the show might come back in 2019.

Ang yaman! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Sana araw-araw mayaman! Ahaha.

I knew I liked you! GOT's fan here. As I was reading, I was thinking to myself, hey, this is curie material. Shame she didn't get picked. Then I got to the payout section, and BAM, curie selected!! Awesome. Congrats. I like it when good people live win.

My cousin-in-law, who past away way too early, introduced me to the book like 14 years ago. I think there were like 3 books out at the time. So I read them all, and thought the next one would come along in a year or two. He didn't tell me that it took George RR M like 10 years to come out with the book , and like 3-5 years for the next. So I always make it a point to re-read all the books in the series again before I read the latest one out. Every time I read the book or see the show, I'm always reminded of him. ~reminiscing smile~

It's a shame that George RR just stopped writing the book and took the tv show beyond the story line of the book. It's much more dramatic in book format, but then, it's all about the moola right.

I swear they picked the perfect character for Joffrey. I love all the 'good' guys in the story. My hubby makes time to watch it with me, simply for the 'R' rated content, but hey, I'll take it!

Going to be sad when the series end, but maybe he'll take the book along a different path.

Ok, now I really have to get back to work. So happy your post got curie selected. :)

Hahaha, thank you. :)

Well yeah, it became known for it's R rated content. Lol. The series will end next year I think. Oh no, right?
I never read the books, I'm fine with the TV version. Let's wait patiently for the last season. :)

Take care!

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