Updates On SteemExchanger Web site Development: Price increase and decrease notification/alert

in tutorial •  7 months ago

It’s been a while since we last posted about our updates, so I wanted to give a quick rundown on one of the visible update and improvements we’ve been making related to our web service.

Introduction to the price alert feature

There is always a need for improvement in any service rendered so as to ensure that users satisfaction is met at all times. That is why we are using this price alert update to make our users abreast with the price fluctuation. With this they can set price standard of their tokens and also know a convenient for them to transact.

Usefulness of the price alert update

  • Users can now set a high and low price standard for their tokens
  • You can easily be informed of the appropriate time to transact due to the price fluctuation of tokens
  • With this feature investors can feel comfortable without constantly going online to check for recent price of their tokens
  • It alerts you via SMS at no cost even when you are not online.

Step By Step Instruction

You will need to use your Phone or a PC for these instructions, there are no hidden charges. As every step is to ensure that satisfaction of service is guaranteed and to reduce stress while using the Steemexchanger(SteemX) platform.













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Thanks for the update.


You are welcome

Nice work but i have sent two tickets now concerning transfer made for steem purchase and till now no response..its past 12hrs.... Are you guys having any challenge


Your ticket has been attended to

Thank you for this update. It's a step in the right direction.

I got a price alert sometimes last week or so which allowed me to make a quick decision on selling my SBD at a profit. I think that alert is just a routine one from the team since I am yet to set my notification but it's a good one all the same.

I really enjoyed the speed of my transaction on Steem Exchanger. Very fast. I was shocked myself. I am supporting you all the way.

lets connect at #steemschools I met you here at school and like your work , all friends can join us https://discord.gg/eqZEZ

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Please I need assistance, I made transfer of 27SBD few minutes ago but I later went in my steemexchanger on website and clicked have made the transfer but I detected I made a mistake I didn't include Memo during the transaction.. plz can u look it up and help sorts this.


This is the screenshot detail of the transaction.


We have sent it back to you.


Thanks for the prompt response. Proud of you @steemexchanger . I've seen it.


Hello, I Transferred sbd but forgot to input the memo, hence it did not reflect in my steemex account. Please refund so I could send back. Thanks.

@steemexchanger... i transferred some money into your account since yesterday and my account haven't been funded yet.. i would appreciate your feedback