How to remove Arrow Symbol from desktop shortcut icon?

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When we keep our needy software on desktop, an arrow icon appears by default on the bottom left of the software's icon. If the arrow sign is annoying to you then just follow below steps to remove the symbol. I personally don't like it


  • First you need to go to run. To open run click on Windows+R Key and type regedit
  • A new window will pop up. You will see many options there
  • After selecting type ln from your keyboard
  • You will see a folder selected name lnkfile. Click on it.
  • After clicking have a look on right side of the window. You will see some options there.
  • Select IsShortcut and right click on mouse and select rename.
  • Add _old after the name. It will be like IsShortcut_old and click enter.
  • And you are done. Now just restart your pc.
    It will look like this after restarting.

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Thanks for the info will definitely try this.

@sourovafrin wow that's works..thanks for shearing, keep shearing this type of tutorial

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Useful tip! Even if it's an aesthetic choice, it just looks much nicer with the arrows gone.

Thanks, these registry tutorials are always good.