How to make tamarind juice

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Hi steemians, my post is about how to make tamarind juice and I hope this will be useful for many us.

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  • Definition of tamarind
  • Ingredients and tools used in making Tamarind juice and their
  • Procedures for making Tamarind juice
  • Importance of tamarind juice

Definition of Tamarind

Tamarind is a large tropical seed pod with tangy pulp that is eaten fresh or cooked with food such as rice, it can also be used as an agent of sourness in food such as pap(Guinea corn, sorghum, maize)etc.
It is a fruit found in almost all the parts of Nigeria. It is known as Tsamiya in Hausa, Awin in Yoruba and Icheku in Igbo


Ingredients and tools used in making Tamarind juice and their importance

  1. Tamarind: this is the main ingredient in the juice as it is where we will get the extract.
  2. Cucumber: it gives the juice flavour.


  1. Ginger: it gives the juice flavour and it makes it a little bit pepperish ( it depends on the quantity added)


  1. Water: it serves as a medium for extraction.
  2. Sugar: it gives the juice a sweet taste.
  3. Pot: it is used for boiling the tamarind with water
  4. Stove or any other source of heat: it is used as a source of heat for boiling the tamarind
  5. Grater: it is used to grate ginger and cucumber for easy extraction


  1. Sieve: it is used for separating the tamarind seeds from the tamarind extract and it is used for separating cucumber shafts from the tamarind extract.


Procedures for making Tamarind juice

  1. Rinse the tamarind (20 pods with 3,4,5 or 6 segments) slightly in water to remove dirt
  2. Wash your ginger thoroughly and grate it.


  1. Put the tamarind in a pot, add your grated ginger, add 1 cup of water, place the pot on your lighted stove or any other source of heat and boil until the tamarind is very soft.



3.mix and Sieve the tamarind extract out after boiling. Add 1 cup of water while sieving to remove the extract completely


  1. Wash and grate your cucumber and add it to the tamarind extract.



  1. Mix it thoroughly and sieve to remove cucumber shafts. Add 1 cup of water while sieving.


  1. Let it cool and add sugar (it depends on your taste).


Importance of tamarind juice

  1. It is used for refreshment.


  1. It serves as a source of income.


  1. It is used as an appetizer.

  2. It aids digestion.

  3. It contains minerals and vitamins.

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I can remember the last time I visited home you prepared it for me and I enjoyed it, tamarind juice is sweet.

Nice post

This is the first time I will be hearing such, I mean tamarind juice, can't wait to have a taste of it😋. Thanks for sharing it with us👌✌ @soljal

It has a great taste.

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