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This close time in Indonesia and the other half of the world is happening a heartbreaking and embarrassing thing. Tapping and piercing money via ATM Card and Credit Card. the way they used actually been identified from the first, because skimming is not just near this time, but it happened a few years ago. in Indonesia only a small proportion of transactions conducted by the perpetrators and other partners.

here I want to discuss some of the modus operandi they use simple; as you can see in the picture below:


they slightly change the keyboard panel and ATM card slot, can also install a hidden camera on the keyboard, so all their transactions can record and copy them into a bug computer.


So also with this, by swiping the customer card they can hack the number and pin customers with ease.

Here I want to share experience tips and tricks to avoid abuse and Skimming on our ATM Card and Credit Card.

a. When we want to an ATM machine, try to check the machine first, we can see the awkwardness with the machine that we will use by looking at other atm machines, is there anything suspicious? whether there is a difference in either the card slot or the keyboard, when viewed the same, then certainly safe.


b. When inserting your ATM card it would be nice shakeso that the perpetrator can not record the ATM Card.


c. When we use Credit Card, it's good to avoid transactions by swiping cards, use transactions with a model scan. it's much safer.


May be useful.