#1 PRODUCTIVITY TIP for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, YouTubers, and Udemy Instructors!

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#1 PRODUCTIVITY TIP for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, YouTubers, and Udemy Instructors!

What is the most helpful tip I have to offer for artists and creators like musicians, video producers, online teachers, bloggers, etcetera, when it comes to creative output?

How do we stay on top of our creative game and consistently put out our best work in the least amount of time and resistance with the highest impact?

#1 PRODUCTIVITY TIP for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, YouTubers, and Udemy Instructors!

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There is one huge productivity secret I have that I don't mention that much, which is why I take the time to do it now.

The key thing is, I don't consistently engage in what I call administrative tasks, things like checking emails, or reading messages. I find that these things kill my creativity and they are vortex like the more I go into them, the more I keep going into them.

For example, I do not have my email account even synced on my iPhone and I don't get a notification every time I get an email. When I'm online and I have tutorials and music to create like today, I am not checking my Discord server, I am not checking my email unless I need to for something, and I am not checking Facebook to just go through the news feed, I am focused on what I'm doing.

#1 PRODUCTIVITY TIP for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, YouTubers, and Udemy Instructors!

Now, that sounds easy enough, but this is a daily discipline thing that I don't get right every day. Some days I am having all these great ideas, and then one thing happens.

I end up checking my Discord server and two hours later, I realize that I fooled around, essentially just going back and forth with messages I didn't even need to send in the first place.

Then, I end up not making the videos I wanted to at all.

Read more on my website at https://jerrybanfield.com/productivity-tip-entrepreneurs/.


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Wow, - I’ve been gone for three months. I come back and find the amazing Jerry Banfield is still posting. Faithful as ever.

But where are the usual hundreds of replies? Have your followers abandoned you?


You welcome back. I check on your blog virtually almost everyday to know if you are back. Good to see you again but all coins are dip now.


Thanks @tyrex, Interesting to see that famous bloggers are not making much these days. Maybe it is the price of crypto that kills it. I have so many blogs waiting to be written. I am not waiting for a better price but rather for summer to finish. Too many real-world fun things to do when the weather is warm. Like football, fly a plane, swim, visit sites.


Yeah! You are absolutely right, most the famous bloggers are not making much like it was earlier but far lesser now and it is not encouraging them at all to publish any useful article for now which is directly or indirectly affecting the newbies too. Some are just posting to engage themselves and not too feel left out should in case steem rises again. I discovered you were off steemit for like two months straight, I was just wondering what could have kept you so far away from steemit. How is Bitcoin (your son) doing? He must be playing hard I trust. I hope to see much of those articles of yours because they kept me going, learning and engaging too.

Hi @jerrybanfield, thank you for your post. Its much appreciated. I am working to learn to build my account, as I am a newbie here 🤗😁

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