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Facebook has a way for you to target your audience in posts you make on your page and in this blog post I am going to share with you a little experiment I made.

Facebook Organic Targeting for Pages

You may have noticed that in your Page you can choose to target a post to a certain audience using one of these methods.


If each of your post only reach 5% of your total audience, for example 500 persons if you have 10,000 Likes, it would be interesting to see if you can get 5% of a narrowed audience.

Testing based on countries

I looked at my Insights for my Page and selected the countries framed in red for this experiment.

Bangladesh: 5,733 Fans
Pakistan: 4,622 Fans
Tanzania: 340 Fans
Nigeria: 70 Fans
United States of America: 21 Fans

I then made a post like this for the first country.

I clicked on this button.

This window opened.

You notice that the estimated reach is 5,300 while I have 5,733 Fans in this country.

The chosen targeting shows on the post.

I used this message above hoping that people will be keen on responding to the post.

I did the same thing for all countries, using a specific image and title for each country.

I got the following Estimated Reach for each country:

Bangladesh: 5,733 Fans ~ 5,300 Estimated Reach
Pakistan: 4,622 Fans ~ 4,200 Estimated Reach
Tanzania: 340 Fans ~ 250 Estimated Reach
Nigeria: 70 Fans ~ 40 Estimated Reach
USA: 21 Fans ~ 0-20 Estimated Reach

My results

These are the results I got after 24 hours:

Pakistan: 4,622 Fans ~ 4,200 Estimated Reach ~ 14 people reached, 1 Like and 1 Comment

Pakistan is the Winner!

Bangladesh: 5,733 Fans ~ 5,300 Estimated Reach ~ 7 people reached

Tanzania: 340 Fans ~ 250 Estimated Reach ~ 2 people reached

Nigeria: 70 Fans ~ 40 Estimated Reach ~ 1 person reached

USA: 21 Fans ~ 0-20 Estimated Reach ~ No reach

Very disappointing results as you can see.

This little experiment let me wonder if using the Facebook Organic Targeting Post feature works or if it is just a useless gimmick.

Have you used this feature successfully? Let me know.

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Michel Gerard

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@gmichelbkk this confirms exactly how poor this old centralized systems own by few people work. In this case it was facebook. This is the same for most or even all existing technology companies (old school and centralized). Here is were cryptocurrencies are disrupting and bringing all their potential day after day, more people involved on its creation, testing, and once one of them and then a few go mainstream, you know how the story goes... Thanks for showing the results of your testing, will definitely help lots of people to avoid using the same system and getting almost nothing. All the benefit going for the company. @gold84


Thank you very much for your long comment.


@gmixhelbkk you are welcome, thanks for the upvote. Will start following you too. @gold84

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I am glad the post is useful for you.