How To Set Up Your Coinbase Account Walkthrough

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I created this walkthrough guide for newbies who don't have a Coinbase account. I had noticed that a lot of people on Steemit never purchased cryptocurrency with their own money so I decided to show you how that could be done through Coinbase. The platform also allows you to sell some of your crypto for money and from there you can send that money to your bank account.

I am really getting into the grove of making videos. I remind myself everyday of my 100 video goal by June 30th. I'm glad my commitment will be on the blockchain and I can always go back and look at my journey.

Till next time Steemians...Steem On!!

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Thanks for the intro. I’m fairly new to bitcoins and crypto currencies. Still learning.


I'm glad I could help!

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Hey, great video! Would you mind checking out my channel and letting me know what you think?!/c/pchanger

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