GDAX Tutorial - How To Avoid Trading Fees

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Fees fees and more fees...yeah I know you're tired of them so I created this video to show how you can avoid some of those fees. This GDAX tutorial video will show you everything you need to know in avoiding the fees. However you WILL need a Coinbase account to use GDAX. If you don't have one as of yet, you can use my link below and get $10 in FREE bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 worth.

Till next time Steemians...Steem On!!

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GDAX is the best site to save fees if you want to trade in the top cryptos but you are restricted if you want to invest in new ICO's or lower ranked cryptos!

Yeah they are very limited in coins but you could always enter the market there and send your coins to an exchange or wallet for free

Have to say I wish I had heard about gdax earlier. Coinbase seems to be the preferred entry point into the crypto market for must uninitiated investors.

This has allowed Coinbase set the tone and pace for many. It has also given massive exposure to the extremely limited coins on offer, perhaps over inflating the prices as this is the start and stop point for many newbies who lack the patience and courage to delve deeper into the intriguing world of crypto.

At the very least gdax offers flexibility and opportunity, so toot on brother, toot on.

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