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Hello lovelies! I asked on my Instagram a couple weeks ago if anyone would like to see a tutorial on these Heatless Spiral Curls that I've been wearing a lot recently & a bunch of people said yes! So here I am with a tutorial on how I achieve this look & how you can too!

The only product I use in this tutorial are the Conair Flexi-Rods!

The super cute hoodie I'm wearing in these photos + tutorial is my new favorite pink hoodie from Weyz Clothing! Go check them out, they have this & so many other really cute clothing pieces!

What are some other tutorials you would like to see from me? Let me know in a comment!

Ashley Paige

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I saw your video pop up on my phone earlier and watched it already. I had never heard of those flexible curling rods before but seems like a good product that really works. Your curls are awesome!

Oh awesome! Yes they are an awesome little invention aren't they? Really glad I tried them out! And thank you, I quiet enjoy them too. (:

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