Writing A Business Case

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A business case is a document containing all of the information necessary for an individual, group, or organization to evaluate a proposed project.


o you know what a business case is, and what it can do for you?

A business case is a document containing all of the information necessary for an individual, group, or organization to evaluate a proposed project.

A good business case enables you to secure the resources and capital investment you need to implement your project.

The most obvious reason for putting together a business case is to persuade your organization to invest in a new project. However, a business case is not just a financial document.

While all business cases should include financial justification, this should not be the only purpose of the business-case document.

The business case should be where all relevant facts are documented and linked together.

Jan is a finance manager for an architectural firm. She's working on an initiative for an improved payroll plan for the company.

Her business case describes the shortcomings of the current payroll system, and explains how her solution can increase efficiency and save the organization both time and money.

It also details the resources needed to deliver the solution.

A good business case should tell its audience

  • why the project is needed
  • how it will create solutions to the issues and opportunities facing the organization
  • what will happen to the business if the project is not undertaken
  • when the project will be deployed
  • how much capital investment, human resources, and time will be needed to deliver the project

Organizational budgets for new projects are often very tight, so competition for resources is high among managers and project leaders.

Without a written business case, you have very little chance of persuading decision makers within your organization to implement your proposed project over a competing project.

New projects cannot be implemented until the necessary resources are available. How would you obtain the resources for a proposed project?

It's worth taking the time to produce a good business case for your project, as it can help you to secure the project resources you need.

In the coming posts, we will provide you with the information you need to write a business case. You will learn what a business case is, and when one is used.

You'll find out what you need to do before you start writing a business case, and what information should be included in your business case.

You'll also receive instructions on researching and presenting your business case, and how to tailor it to a specific audience.

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